A concept design with robotic looks and a sleek smoked black lens. Green and blue lines present the time in circular shapes that show hours, minutes and seconds in a very simple to read manner, for precise and speedy timing. Hours and groups of 5 minutes are basically in the same positions as hours on a clock face in the upper and lower circles. Single minutes and seconds are shown within the large circles.

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Supersonic, 4.2 out of 5 based on 72 ratings


8 Responses to “Supersonic”

  1. avatar Ace says:

    This thing is sick, the color combo is so fresh and funky, the shapes look very good and the time is really easy to read. It looks like it came from the dash of a spaceship, I love it.

  2. avatar Avatara says:

    Love at first site! Really like the dynamic case design and the layout of the display. I think it passes the “the 2 second maximum watch glance rule” too. You would definitely get used to it quickly. I can imagine the animation now ;-)

  3. avatar Efv68 says:

    absolutley amazing and a ture perfect design

  4. avatar GeneTheBean says:

    I absolutely love the blue and green display with the hexagonal rings. It looks very futuristic. I wish I could give some constructive criticism, but I just can’t find anything wrong with the design. Great work!

  5. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    The Case and the strap look cool, not sure if the display does it for me though. Not bad.

  6. avatar pm says:

    I like this one a lot, especially it’s space ship type look (as mentioned above) and easy readability. I think some animation would enhance it and perhaps having the face more slimline (thickness) as well. Also perhaps having a silver option would be good. Great design for displaying the time though – I like the seconds feature. Perhaps include a day/date feature.

  7. avatar Kagis says:

    I love the design of the watch and how “spacey” it looks. With that being said the different shapes on each section of the watch bother me a little bit but nothing that would stop me from buying the watch. I think because there’s no symmetry in the watch face that it looks a little funny to me. I might just need to get used to it. The blue and green lights look great with the black band.

  8. avatar funkywatchlover says:

    I love the design of the dial, very easy to read indeed and quite beatiful to look at. really great! however the overall design of the watch doesnt convince as much