USB Memory Watch

A concept LED time piece with integrated USB flash memory for data storage. Just take the watch off and connect to the USB key on the end of the strap to the USB port on your computer to upload or download your data. Perfect for keeping your data in a secure place.

The watch has a rubber wrist band and stainless steel case and the interface features rings of LEDs to display the time; hours on the outside, groups of five minutes in the upper circle, four single minutes in the lower circle. The remaining ring indicates the used/remaining storage capacity on the flash memory. The design is also rechargeable via USB.

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20 Responses to “USB Memory Watch”

  1. avatar Avatara より:

    Love the idea of having USB memory as a secondary element of a watch – its ideal because it’s always secure on your wrist and you always have it with you. I’d really like to see this integrated into some of the other designs which i prefer.

  2. avatar pm より:

    I like this a lot. I like the red colours. I would add a day date feature as well. I like the USB feature a lot. Since we are talking USB, I wonder if USB charging would also be possible. Although I can see the reason for having a rubber strap (e.g. flexibility), I wonder if rubber is durable enough, given that someone could be removing the watch several times a day to use the USB port. I am not sure if this is already planned (not clear to me from the images), but the design of the red time segments could be enhanced if they were made to look raised from the lower black face base. Almost to have a floating look.

  3. avatar scifirxman より:

    I like the watch face design. Another possible option is to make the actual memory unit removable while the watch is worn. put it on the opposite strap and this would be possible. make this design available in SS w/o memory and it would also buy that.

  4. avatar Reece より:

    What an awesome idea. Love it!!

    One thing though…………… needs to be a minimum of 8gb. anything smaller than that is pretty much obsolete and useless.

  5. avatar Ace より:

    The watch is awesome, it looks like the speedometer from the Batmobile, still the rubber band the the USB memory make it look like a cheap gadget, maybe you should give it metal or leather straps and lose the USB, or keep this one as it is, and make other versions without USB and leather or steal straps, or place the USB flash memory on the watch and include a data USB cable in the package. This thing has the potential to be as popular as the PIMP watch, if you make it right,

  6. avatar greenlantern より:

    I think his watch is terrific –the face is nicely balanced , and the usb memory, if it’s sufficient, gives it real utility. I disagree with those who think a rubber band cheapens a watch. I own an expensive watch (more than $1,000) which has a rubber strap and it is sleek, elegant, and is holding up very well after almost 2 years of use. I guess it depends on the quality or thickness of the rubber. The smooth band without links on this one adds to the overall look of the watch, in my opinion. I’d buy it.

  7. avatar bhanlon7 より:

    I really like this design, but it would be great if the memory was upgradeable. At first, 8gb or 16gb may seem like enough, but if I am still wearing the watch in a few years, I may need more memory. File sizes seem to be getting bigger and bigger these days, with HD and all.

  8. avatar FuzzyGoodle より:

    Very nice. The color is great and the USB functionality is great. I can see this being very useful for computer geeks!

    I can’t decide if I like the rubber strap or not, but I think it will at least lower the price of the watch, which is nice.

    Two questions though:

    How would the watch face be attached to the strap? Like, would the face be embedded in the rubber, or would the rubber “rap around” the face, so that the underside of the face is present on the underside of the strap? If that makes sense…

    And is the USB memory indicator really necessary? You could see how full it was from your computer. I feel like you could replace it with something else. Like a seconds indicator. I’ve always wished that more Tokyoflash watches displayed seconds.

  9. avatar rifckan2000 より:

    How much this device and how to buy?

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      This is a concept at the moment. Selected designs from the studio will be made. You can see our current designs on our website.

  10. avatar francotron より:

    I’m very happy to see that the LED’s are popping out to have a somewhat of a 3D effect to it.
    i would just like to make a few comments:
    that the rubber band cover the bezel completely to add more to the futurism or just change the band altogether to be consistent with the bezel, (but i like the rubber idea) and would work with the next idea im going to present,

    I would also offer it in white (at least) with orange, red , or blue LED’s.
    i’m wondering if your open to the idea of offering the watch in different colors like cherry red,cyan/powder blue ,or neon green though (with their own respective LED colors of course)…

    And, despite the fact that it seems a little bit more of a hassle to have the USB portion of the watch being non-detachable, i actually like it better that way because it’s less difficult to lose track of . (just my opinion)
    since if it was to become detachable, the designers would have to make it smaller to compensate for the elasticity of the rubber (and non elasticity of the plastic in the USB) would could effect the size of data it could store, and would be alot easier to lose, (considering the size).

    I’m thoroughly impressed by the works/designs Kisai brand has been presenting over the past few months.
    i love the design of this watch, and i would surely buy it even without my suggestions being put into effect (as much as i would like to see that).

    I would also take the time to mention that i’m very happy with my denshoku and am planning to purchase the Escape C.

  11. avatar eternally より:

    This is a great design full of good ideas. Here are a few things that could be improved, in my opinion:

    1) I like the color scheme, but the rest of the watch other than the face should be a flat black — not so shiny.

    2) I agree with others on the strap — the rubber strap doesn’t appeal to many, so perhaps it could just be an option.

    3) I think the USB storage is an excellent idea — BUT, having it come out of the strap is unnecessarily awkward and adds no value. I would recommend instead having it just pop in and out of the side of the watch. This has the advantage of being able to be used separate from the watch, and it could also utilize a typical micro-SD card, which would both standardize manufacturing and address all the size and interchangeability comments other posters have made. Kingston, for example, makes a micro-SD card reader barely larger than a USB jack — having one of these that simply snaps into the side or back of the watch would be simple.

    3) In addition to the capacity readout on the face, perhaps you could add some bluetooth capabilities to the watch which utilize the storage space.

    Thanks for another great design!

  12. avatar carlsberg より:

    i like it, although i would have the usb connector as a separate cable that plugs into the side of the watch body rather than part of the strap/buckle, i’d hate to have to keep taking the watch off to use the memory function, and the mini-usb connectors are small enough that they won’t impact the size or aesthetics of the watch. Besides which, i’m sure i’m not the only one who’s watch straps wear out on a regular basis, i’d hate to lose all the usb/memory functions just because the strap split.
    i’d also look at having the memory itself as a separate micro-sd card that slots into the back of the watch, that way it’s easy to increase the available memory as bigger capacity cards are released, or to replace if the memory develops any problems.

    just read through all the other posts, i notice eternally thinks similarly about the usb/micro-sd issues, although rather than pushing a micro-sd card into the side of the watch, i would prefer to have to take the back off the watch to fit the card, as it makes it impossible to accidentally knock the card out, and harder for anyone else to deliberately remove the card (especially if the watch cover is screwed on).

  13. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    I like the look and idea behind this design a lot. Just not sure about making the connection for the buckle and the connection for the USB as one. Seems problematic. Might be better to have then a bit separated. Worried if it gets damaged at some point and loos my data. Otherwise very slick…….!

  14. avatar geominceur より:

    Overall design concept good. Nice looking and not overly complex to read, unlike some designs which although radical in design and extremely good looking would however necessitate being totally sober at all times to read! A couple of wee features might be good though. Most led’s can display more than one colour so, might it be possible for the display to phase between different colours? Another thought might be, given as a others have said about the restrictions of a fixed size of memory at date of manufacture, perhaps have a Micro SD slot whereby the end user could select the size of memory available and, perhaps supply the unit with a minimal (say 1-2GB) so as it’s useable straight away? All that being said I’d probably buy it just the way it is.

  15. avatar spliv3r より:

    micro-sd card for sure… they can go up to 32 gig so far… and maybe a micro-usb connector to charge with?

  16. avatar greenlantern より:

    While I agree that a split strap might be a problem–how easily could it be replaced–I don’t like the idea of having to carry a separate cable with me when I want to download some photos from a friend, or work from my office, or a power point presentation at a meeting etc. Part of the appeal is that the memory is so portable in the strap.