Laser Timing

A concept wrist watch that uses a laser light to display the time. With a touch of the button on the side, a beam of light is sent out of the front of the watch through a small window and the laser within reflects the time onto a surface where the watch is pointed.

The time display appears like a target: hours in the outer ring, groups of five minutes on the second ring and single minutes on the inner most ring. The blank face and dark stainless steel case create a mysterious look.

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13 Responses to “Laser Timing”

  1. avatar scifirxman says:

    A little bit impractical, but cool none-the-less. what would be the maximum distance from the lens to the surface? It would also be nice if the bezel can be rotated, but from the photos, it looks like it may not be able to as there is a notch in the casing to accomodate the lens protrusion. And is this actually a laser or just a bright LED light? If it is a laser, it would be cool if it could be used as a laser pointer device as well. Add USB charging so batteries won’t be needed.
    Another option: When the bezel is in a certain position, the time is displayed on the watch surface. rotate the bezel to another position to expose the projection lens and display the time on a surface.

    • avatar FuzzyGoodle says:

      I was thinking the same thing. The bezel should totally turn, and there should be an option to display the time on the top, possibly as scifirxman described. Or maybe the watch could be made into a bluetooth watch. It could display caller ID/Call/Message on the top of the design in LEDs. (I feel like the top needs something)

      But the shape is cool and the concept is great. I worry about practicability, but that’s kinda the great thing about Tokyflash watches. They are so strange that you can’t help but love them.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

      It would be quite short, maybe 10-15 cm. A rotation option is also a nice idea, thanks for the feedback on this.

  2. avatar Makkovik says:

    Would buy depending on the maximum distance from the lens to the surface, max angle and would be good to know what surface is reflecting better. Also, would be great to have an engraving of something on the surface, like a old pocket watch, or a non-working analog watch.

  3. avatar Avatara says:

    It seems impractical, but it is still a very cool idea, great talking point and fun concept. I would personally like to see another way to read the time incorporated so that the laser time is a secondary function.

  4. avatar Xenpo says:

    I have to say this is an excellent design in my opinion. I have never thought of Tokyo Flash watches as practical, but very unique and stylish designs ( I want them all!). I like the slick, clean look of the solid black top (i.e. with nothing on it). I also must say to the previous poster who wanted usb charging and a bluetooth device; I highly disagree in my opinion. I find being able to replace the battery of the watch vs. buying a whole new one highly desirable. On the other hand, if this is a LED light, perhaps you could use one of the multi-color capable LEDS, so the user could change what color the time displays in (or it could rotate randomly through colors/or both).

  5. avatar mamakiki says:

    its a masculine geek watches. very awesome!

  6. avatar hanzo says:

    Congratulations, really smart and attractive!
    I think would look good radar signal on the cover (or real :-)
    May be a remote control rings, one-hand operation?
    Moreover, such a watch would be interested!

  7. avatar eternally says:

    I love the flat matte-black design, so of course I disagree with others that say the face of the watch needs something. The whole point is for it to be blank. Though, whomever came up with the idea of the rotation option to flip from projection to normal watchface, I agree that would be great if do-able.

    USB charging doesn’t really add value to this particular design, but bluetooth functions like vibration certainly would.

    (More Tokyoflash watches should look like this!)

  8. avatar Dreasconse says:

    One of my favorite designs I have seen, but seems impractical for checking time when on the move, which is the main time I use my watch. I think if it was instead projected perpendicular to the band and angled down, so the image appeared on one’s hand, it would be much more functional without loosing the excellent design.

  9. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Beam me up Scottie! Na, no go. fun for kids but won’t catch me shooting the time on the wall for my friends to see. Recommended for ages 3-5 only.

  10. avatar geominceur says:

    Tokyo Pimp, I have to totally agree. For once a design which I have to say is only suited to young, and very young at that, children. If I saw it on eBay coming from China priced at around £10-£15 mark I might be tempted to get it for my youngest kid who’s 11. I showed it to my 17 yr old son who just laughed! I’d have been impressed when I was 17 but I’m 55 now! Sorry, not now or ever on my wish list. I’d be embarrassed to wear it under any circumstances. First lemon from here I’d say.