Charting Time

On first glance, this design might look like a futuristic communication device or a tool for mapping your running distances.

Luckily, it’s a lot less complicated than that. The LED display uses blue bars in the center to indicate hours, cyan blocks around the edge indicate 5 minute groups and the green blocks on the right of the screen indicate single minutes 1-4.

The standard case is augmented with steel bars that extend across the face to protect the screen and match the mechanical image.

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16 Responses to “Charting Time”

  1. Having a more consistent color palette on the watch will clean up the aesthetics. The shades of blue will not compliment each other with that green. Find a color between the cyan and the blue and you have a winner.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

      I agree about the colour. It would be hard to attain this colour anyways.

  2. avatar reidiate says:

    There is something very **** about this watch. It has an almost 80′s stockbroker feel to it, evoking the cool crisp minimalist lines which are best reflected in chrome. Definitely a winner.

  3. avatar urity says:

    This watch will look great in black or charcoal.

  4. avatar Greatwazoo42 says:

    A good design. What would help sell it would be a good animation sequence before displaying the time. Also the current color palette shown would work depending on how bright the blue is. Most blue lighting doesn’t work well in daylight conditions.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

      Animation is kind of fun. That was used in the Pimp series. Would bring the watch to life. Thank you

  5. avatar says:

    i like the look! The only thing I’d recommend is, for the 5 minute group, peak at 30m (the graphic appears to peak at 25m).

  6. avatar Ace says:

    It looks very good, however something it’s wrong, you said that “The LED display uses cyan blocks around the edge to indicate hours, blue bars in the center to indicate 5 minute groups and the green blocks on the right of the screen indicate single minutes 1-4.” but that last picture says something else, in the end, witch colors indicates the hour?

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

      Apologies, the last picture is correct, the text has been updated. Hours are blue bars in the center, minutes are cyan blocks around the edge.

  7. avatar Justin says:

    Combination of what ‘stuartde’ said and ‘Ace’ said: peak at 30 min, or is that 6:00?

  8. avatar scottyokc says:

    I wouldnt buy this watch unless it gets a few changes, but its my second favorite I’ve seen. The single mins and 5 mins are designed well, but the hours need some rethinking. No one wants to have to count the bars to tell what hour it is. What I would do, is at the top of each bar, put a number of the hour, as if you are looking at a graph and it is putting the number of the amount in the bar being shown. You dont even have to have the hours in order if you put the # at the top. The wristband looks a bit big and heavy. I would like to see it a bit sleaker.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

      Good idea to add the numbers. The problem with the thinner strap though is it will not match the case. The watch case will be thick so the strap needs to match, unless we can get the case thinner. This is a bit of an engineering problem, though agree it would look nicer if it could be done. Thank you for your comments!

  9. avatar scifirxman says:

    reminds me of Dr. Theopolus from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century TV series. you could add a seconds readout into one of those black bars. It might be nice to have a user selectable color scheme as well.

  10. avatar enrike2769 says:

    it´s a beutiful design,a spaceman watch!

  11. avatar shinyoka says:

    one thing i can vision ia a good animation and then its perfect for me

  12. avatar wristwatcher says:

    I love where your concepts are going here! My personal feeling and the reason I havent bought many watches lately is your current designs were just not my taste, there are many watches here that I just love! Although I’m partial to rectangular, crisp edge designs, the occasional round watch tickles my fancy too.

    Agreed on the animation sequence, I would like to see all of your animated watches have a feature where the sequence activates every 30 secons or so upon command(liek the pimp pleasure seeker did) After all, thats why I buy these watches…attention!