Submit A Design

Got an idea for a unique watch design? Send it to us following the instructions below and we’ll upload the best designs to the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog. Be as original & creative as you can!

Join in the discussion on the blog when each new design is uploaded and give your feedback to other designers.

We look forward to your submissions and comments!

Guidelines and Conditions

  1. Your idea must be unique, unlike anything seen before.
  2. Your idea must be your own original work and must not infringe any third party’s rights, including images, trademarks and trade names.
  3. Submissions should have a detailed description and explanation of how the time is read, similar to other posts on the blog.
  4. Please ensure your images are roughly 700 pixels wide.

Please send images at a reasonable size. 700 pixels wide is ideal, but a bit larger or smaller is OK.

GIF (Animated) : Animated GIF is OK but please send files under 1MB. If the GIF is over 1MB you should consider uploading it to YouTube as a VIDEO.

VIDEO: Upload video files to YouTube & let us know the link, we will embed your video on the page.

Email your ideas to
with the Subject “DESIGN” plus the name of your design. EG: “DESIGN Binary Flow”
Please include your Name, Country & Description of your design.