Avenger watch inspired by Tron & Ironman

Design submitted by José from Spain.

José says: Inspired by the popular movies “Tron” and “Ironman”, I present to you this new concept of digital LEDs watch, with touch technology in its central area.



AVENGER, has a display with a faceted glass diffuser makes the contours of illuminated items appear a bit faded; moreover, incorporates both the inside and the outside of the bevel and between the upper and lower part of the watch case, a luminescent resin applications which gives AVENGER quite remarkable appearance, especially in the darkness.

The reading method is explained in the diagram.


AVENGER, is only active if we touch the central buttons. the information can be displayed with or without  animations user selectable, in AM / PM or 24 hour mode, it indicates the day of the month and other features can be added such as alarm or controlling the brightness of the LEDs, could be used it as a flashlight.


Stylish, its simple and technological look can appeal to a wide variety of public among which we can mention those interested for wearing unique pieces that go beyond the purpose for which they are designed (Tokyoflash fans), interested in fashion and new trends, interested in new technologies, SCI-FI fans, Wargamers, lifestyle. Urban, sporty with magnesium case and high strength ballistics strap, has some military appearance, although the options about materials and finishes can be very different (plastic, steel, gun metal, …), and if we include some ornamental detail like some emblem or badge we will be undoubtedly in front of a real AVENGER.


I would highlight in particular the way to present time, through placement lines that apparently can not have any meaning, but once you the arrangement and reading metido, known understood very quickly and easily to read.

As usual, I really enjoyed preparing this project, I would, if you think it is worth, get support and share the concept, if you have time.

Thank you very much.


10 thoughts on “Avenger watch inspired by Tron & Ironman

  1. Hi, Jose! As always, I am so very impressed with your presentation! I’m a fan of both films, and I also really like watch faces split into thirds. The stainless steel models are SICK!

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  2. Nice looking design and fantastic images as we have come to expect from you.
    The display has the potential to offer a few different time layouts or modes.
    My only issue is that it reminds me a little of one of my own designs, so personal bias makes me more in favour of mine 😉

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  3. Excellent images, as always. The numbers are easy to read, but you do have to think about how, which Is very appealing. This is a fantastic watch and one I’d love to own. Nice one, Jose.

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