RUNE watch conjures up a mystic time telling mode. (update)

Design submitted by Justin from the UK.

Justin says: I’ve always had a fondness for the pagan, witchcraft side of humanity and have always wanted to see a watch with a similar style/look. So…I made one!

I give you Rune.

Time is told by using 4 numbers shown with LED’s. The hours are read across whilst the minutes are read downwards. Rune also features a “Mystic” time telling mode which resembles the ancient rune symbols even more and given a little practice they are easily perceptible.

Who would wear this you ask?

Anyone who is interested in an easy watch, maybe even those who like a little crypticness on their wrist. I can see this being a big hit with those with a fondness for witchcraft or maybe even Harry Potter lol.

Rune is quite a unique design and I dont think it has ever been done before. It not only features 12/24 hour modes but also it could show the date too.

The Mystic Mode shows some really interesting shapes and patterns and im sure given the creative LED configuration, chance for some cool animations too.

I hope you like Rune.


I have decided to add some new features to Rune to enhance its mystical properties!

Firstly…Oracle mode.

With Oracle Mode, simply ask Rune a question and then, using the hidden accelerometer, shake your wrist and it will display your destiny!! Will you win the lottery? Get that new job? Win over that new girl in the office.

Oracle Mode will give you the answers with a Yes, No or Maybe!!

Secondly…Seer Mode.

Using Seer Mode you can now actually carry real rune symbols around with you on your wrist! Runes are believed to be influential with blessing the wearer with luck, strength, confidence creativity etc. There are many different runes out there which are thought to bestow certain attributes and in this Mode I have included 10 for you to assign to your watchface

You are able to select 1-4 different Runes at any one time and set them onto watch so that they appear periodically every 1..5..or 10 minutes depending on the wearers preference. Time can still be shown whilst Seer Mode is active, simply press the A button to show the time at any point.

Many people choose to wear good luck charms, amulets or talismans. Now you are able to take a multi purpose good luck charm with you wherever you go and tailor it to your day to day experiences and desires!

Finally, I have included one final image showing Rune with a variety of straps.

These range from (Left to Right)  Regular strap (Solid triangles) – Plain strap – White Acetate strap + E-Paper display & a toned down regular strap (Triangle outlines).

I hope you like these new additions.

41 thoughts on “RUNE watch conjures up a mystic time telling mode. (update)

  1. Great idea mixing the ancient & modern, the Runes look really cool.
    I can imagine the runes fading up as if summoned into existence.

    The cube-like arrangement for each digit/rune is a clever solution as it works exceptionally well to display both modes effectively.

    It might be fun to add a fortune telling function – perhaps if you shake the watch & it generates a set of runes like a magic 8-ball.

    Wizard concept! 😉


    • Thanks for posting this one!! It’s been in my sketch pad (spell book lol) for ages now but never thought it would be received in such a positive light. Thanks for proving me wrong.

      I love the idea of a fortune telling function, not quite sure what it could be used to display but I’m sure if you leave it with me I’ll think of something….

      Once again thanks for the kind words.


  2. Absolutely epic work and waaay better than the rune concept I posted ages back. A huge 5 stars and YES I would buy this!!!


  3. Nice looking watch with nice looking simple but cryptic digits! I wondered if this would grab Krautesh Vakir’s attention! 😀 I can’t the rune inspiration is up my street particularly but I like the look and end result! Best of luck sir! 😀


  4. Interesting digits. I like the fact that you have a nice base matrix creating regular numbers and mystic ones. The diamond/rhombic/youknow shape of the display is a logic consequence and goes well with the numbers. I see a certain (if not huge) fanbase for such a theme and hope it’s big enough for making this watch real. I’m personally a bit more on the sci-fi side, less on the fantasy one. That’s why I like the modern, technical look… it’s like an ancient tribe comes back to life :O Maybe a good mixture between ancient and the future… Good luck definitely!!


  5. Another great design, Justin. I think this is your best yet.
    I love the cryptic numbers. I think these would appeal to anyone who likes their watches hard to read 🙂 The regular numbers look good too, for those who don’t.
    The strap looks great too, but I’d prefer it without the extra colour (matching the numbers) – these triangles are very large and I find they distract from the watch face. If they were just the outlines rather than filled triangles, they’d work better for me and would look more like a continuation of the runes. However, I think the strap would look best without.
    Hope it gets made – 5y from me.


  6. Thanks for the kind words guys!! Im so happy that all aspects of the design is pleasing to your collective eyes from the numbers both cryptic and regular all the way up to the strap and watch case shape.

    I can understand how (Nev) the triangles might be a little too much so i will be rendering a few more images soon and i will add a few more variations to the strap so you can see just how it will look with/without/outlined triangles.

    Also…along with the updated images (hopefully TF will post them tonight) there will be an added extra 2 features which will lean heavily on the Rune theme with an essence of fortune telling/magical influences!!

    Both will not change anything about the current display at all, instead it will utilize the display to its fullest and add some fun things for people to sink their teeth into. Hopefully it will draw people that little bit more to this watch.

    Please take a look later on to see what they are…


  7. I like the digits, Justin. Nice and clean. I agree with Nev regarding toning down the band. I’d like to see if you could incorporate the rhombus shape of the case into the band, instead of the triangles. Good luck!


    • Glad you like it Xian, I’m currently rendering some variations & additional features which include a toned down strap.
      The strap side of designing has always been my achilles heel, I can never seem to get the thing right. In my initial design process I was looking at using the rhombus shape as part of my strap but I just could’nt create one that gave it a good overall feel. So instead I opted for a more spiky, angular look.

      I guess as long as the main watch/numbers side of the watch is deemed worthy then TF could always work their magic on the strap and decide upon one which was a perfect addition.

      Thanks for the feedback and support.


      • That’s an excellent idea!! Gloss and matte finish would look subtle and elegant on this design. As long as it’s not too noticeable as to avoid it looking too obvious or like your wearing tartan lol.

        Like it, great idea buddy! I probably wouldn’t be able to render it as I’m not that advanced on sketch up. But still…it is something that I would definitely approve of if Rune made it all the way!!


  8. I approve the overall Idea of Mystical watch with a Runic display. Because it different from other futuristic concept that are more common to the TF blog. I see this being worn by modern pagans, Spiritualist or artistic types.


  9. Yeah. The outline triangle strap does look like an extension of the runes from the watch face, as I thought – looks good. The plain strap is the best for me though.
    The Seer mode is a cool idea. Yet more to confuse other people – just need to remember the meaning of the runes for when they ask. Oracle mode is not for me, but I’m sure some will love it.
    Great update, Justin.


    • Glad you like the new straps and seer mode. Maybe there is a way of inscribing the runes and their meaning on the underside of the watch (though I should imagine that’ll strain some eyes lol

      A booklet would be the best step I think. Plus it’d be a nice addition to the overall package.

      Ooooh how about a pendant feature where you can detach the strap and wear it around your neck like a true pendant?! That would be a cool thing & also add more character.


  10. The addition of the fortune telling Oracle mode is just inspired brilliance. This would mean that the wear can not only view the present: current time / date Etc. But consult the Oracle about their potential future / destiny.


  11. Awesome idea, great design, love the straps in the rendering. the green, blue, red, yellow, and E=-paper colors are all gorgeous! The Seer mode appeals more to me than the fortune telling mode, as fortune telling mode seems like it would be used a few times and then very rarely afterward. while the Seer mode is more or a constant, as it could be used as a kind of charm and screensaver if chosen and would fade to the time at the touch of a button. A single symbol as a constant screensaver (of sorts) would also be economical on battery life on its own, though could be set to a few settings of pulsing, like the Kisai Seven. With all that said, if this watch is made in any capacity I will be buying one ASAP. Excellent work!


    • Thanks for the support and feedback Jeff, glad you like the watch! I agree that Oracle made would probably only be used from time to time but as an easily added feature it sure would be fun to have and it would certainly be fun at parties or maybe even something for people to use as a “flip a coin” element in life for indecisive folk. We’ve all had times in life where we are stuck for a choice and this would be a welcome addition I reckon.

      As for Seer mode, I can see this being an often used feature. I’m not too superstitious but it sure would be nice to have some kind of good luck charm close by. I’m sure there is a massive market for this given the recent rise of fantasy films like Lord of the rings, Hobbit and Harry Potter. All of which lean towards the mystical or magical. If only 10% of that fanbase were to buy this watch then it would still make for very encouraging figures seeing as it is so large.

      As for the pulsing LEDs it is my wish that they would act in a similar way to the Seven watch. Starting off dimly then pulsing up to full brightness and back down again. I would prefer it if there was an option for a lighting effect all day long as I’m not too keen on those watches which have a lighting option only after 6pm.

      That was one of the selling points for me buying the Seven…had Xtal had the same option I would’ve gone for that.

      I’ll have to find a magic wand and wave it abit in this hopes this’ll get made…until then…it’s just a fable.


  12. I love this idea! It would certainly need some getting used to, since the runes don’t exactly tell numbers, but rather the outline of them, which really is all we ever need anyway! I love your two other modes, the magic 8 ball and the seer mode. They seem really cool! I hope that this design will come out eventually!


    • Thanks for the comment Alexander, Runes cryptic mode is a little daunting at first but your brain will soon be able to recognize those digits as they all include the base number (from regular mode) but just have extra bits attached.

      It’s really pleasing to know that the 2 extra modes (seer & oracle) are being accepted and liked as they were an after thought and thankfully TF were kind enough to add them when I sent the images in. I think it rounds off the whole theme and adds a big fun element to it.

      I hope it comes out too…time will tell.


  13. Just need…

    Never wore a watch before, didn’t know this website before.
    Just registered for rating this one (but some other are cool too).

    Please make it real I need one… well maybe two my girlfriend likes it too.


  14. Thanks for the support guys, your comments and belief in this concept are amazing, it really says a lot when a non-watch wearing person wants one!!

    To think…I almost never created this one, so glad I did.


  15. Know where you will take your time, know that can happen as the ancient oracles, plus tell you the time, will tell a prediction, or you feel mystical … all without leaving the wrist.
    Good concept and well done. Good luck Justin


    • Thanks Jose, lots of encouraging comments here for Rune, so happy that it has been widely accepted. I think of all the concepts ive made, this is the most solidly themed watch.

      I hope the prediction for it is a positive one…there is only one “oracle” that knows the answer to that…and they aint saying anything just yet lol.


  16. The original idea is interesting. The Oracle mode is nice. The Seer mode isn’t my cup of tea. (Nothing wrong with it. Just not my style/interest)

    I like the gem appearance of the digits lines & the band.

    I had a small problem with the Mystic 5: I immediately though about the Nazi cross/symbol! (upon checking it, it’s different. this mean that the “problem” is gone.)

    The regular # are nice! The 4 is OK but could be simpler ( like the 9 without the top-left / ). (& it’s not a big remodeling, just an electronic signal thing)

    I like how you presented the #.


    • Thanks for the support makko, glad you like the digits and the oracle mode. Not sure how the regular 4 could be any simpler as if you take the / off then it would only be displayed as a cross of sorts.

      As for the mystic 5 I understand how this can be seen as a swastika as I had the same thought go through my head when creating it. I was going to have the 2 & 5 simply reversed but wasn’t too keen on that as I wanted both numbers to be unique and not merely a mirror of one another.

      It’s also sad that such a symbol has been relegated to be only recognized as nazi symbolism seeing as it’s origins pre-date such barbaric acts by many, many years. Infact the swastika is more used by Buddhists and Hindus as good luck charms. In Chinese Taoism it is a symbol of eternity and Tibetan Buddhists see it as an earthly elemental symbol.

      It is only a minor change though if one were needed and I’m pretty sure the 2 could be flipped around as a 5 and still keep the mystic line through it as seen in the mystic 2.

      Thanks for the support and sorry for the history lesson. I made the same assumptions with the swastika ages ago and my history teacher tore me a new one lol


      • I meant the top-left / & the on the lower-right side. ( it would be like a capital Y with the top-right / aligned with the | )

        I like that the mystic 2 & 5 are not mirror. (it would be ok if it was) I like that the regular aren’t mirrored: it could be easy to mix, when in a rush.

        I don’t mind the history lesson. I didn’t study any of those mention by you.


  17. I would just like to thank everyone for their kind words, support and votes for Rune. It had been a very fruitful 30 days and after receiving a very nice score and an amazing number of Facebook likes I remain optimistic for this one.

    Big thanks to TokyoFlash for posting this design and feedback.

    Umm…that’s all folks…fingers crossed huh.



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