Booster smart watch ignites your wrist

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: It is a project which I have in my paperboards for several years, I like the mechanical sports with a great power of propulsion.

“Booster-Watch” is a watch with LEDs with various reading programs of the hour.

When you push the button, the LEDs are activated with a multitude of programmable animations before indicating the time, date and alarm. The high number of LEDs allows scrolling text, message etc.. sent by the intermediate of a computer. Charging is done via USB cable through the computer.

“Booster-Watch” is intended to the women and to the men who like mechanical sports.

“Booster-Watch” has a particular look which should allure a public which likes the originality.

16 thoughts on “Booster smart watch ignites your wrist

  1. Superb idea Patrick. This is a really nice way to have a very customisable display that can show short messages, multiple time modes and still keep an unusual appearance.
    I love the time mode illustrated with an arrow & I imagine the possibilities are almost unlimited for different ways to tell the time with this watch. Not to mention the animations of the booster igniting, cool!


    • Thank you TF Studio, for this pleasant comment, it is really sympathetic nerve and stimulant. Thank you also for the publication of this new project.


  2. Mmm, nice propulsion theme!! I like the hexagons of the display and the shape of the case – really nice. This watch would be a nice buddy for the Blade watch. There is a lot of fun possible with the display and when it’s off, the watch still looks cool. 5*/YES/Good luck!!


  3. The design is great, Patrick, and what fantastic images.
    The 4:57 display is my favourite of these, but the possibilities are endless here.
    Good luck and 5y.


    • Hi Nev, thank you very much for your nice comment and your vote.
      It is a watch for those which like the “cryptic” or for those, more traditional, which wishes a watch easier to read.


  4. You had me at booster! Anything to do with engines, turbines and thrusters floats my spacey boat! So im definitely in. Would be really cool if the flaps around the display could be opened and closed like on a jet engine. Best of luck sir! 😀


    • Hi Pete, back already? …
      I like the idea of shutters that open like a real reactor only is it feasible at an attractive price?
      Thank you for the comment and the vote and welcome back.


  5. I like the overall look. The bezel cut-out are nice! The buttons should always be in the same color as the LED’s.

    My favorite time display is the dual digits minute. My favorite colors combo is the 3rd pic. (the next 2 are also nice)

    The animation could be to light the # lights in “circle by circle” starting from the center to the offside. Or get a circle to be bigger and bigger & then show the #.

    I’d buy one.


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