Conception watch mimics the biological process

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: The biological / sexual reproduction processes sometime refer to as the Biological clock. I thought what would happen if i based a wrist watch on Male sperm cells fertilising a female ovum / egg. This was the idea behind the Conception design constructed in either IP, White Acetate or Steel. Using one of the following display types /  screen: LCD Touch, LED or E-ink / E-paper.

Number of Sperm cell equally disturbed around the face equals minutes 1-59 or days 1st-31st. In 12 Hr Format the position of the divided cell with the Ovum determines: time / month if the cell has a nucleus the then it is evening: PM if not its AM. In 24 hr 1-23 month 1:Jan-12:DEC in 24 hour mode the user counts the amount of divided cells plus nucleolus 1-23 Alarm / Time, Date 1: Jan-12: Dec

This wristwatch is truly unique & it remind the user of the universal truth of each person’s origin / Conception & that despite all the hard ships life throws at us we have all competed against millions (Of sperm) & Won.

16 thoughts on “Conception watch mimics the biological process

  1. Interesting idea. The display is quite mesmerising & each of the versions has its own appeal.

    The iconography of the display is cool but I am not sure I would want to wear a watch with this theme, others might feel differently. The e-paper one is my favourite due to the bold black & white.


    • Thank you for your support for look & concept behind the “Conception” Wristwatch. Plus I appreciate you honesty concerning as to if this was a watch you’d wear / or Not I realize that this design is a bit out there & some people may love to wear this watch whilst others do not. If the E-paper/ E-ink was favored over the other display types then I have no problem with have it constructed instead of the LCD / LED version.
      Furthermore with E-Paper / E-Ink or LCD versions the flagellum: tails of each sperm could move side to side as if they where swimming towards the Ovum: Egg.


  2. Hi Andrew, the topic was already used by Andy, but in another way, then the fact that you remind to us that we already gained the contest of the life, comforts me and gives me courage to gain that of TF, hey e


    • When I created the “Conception” watch was trying to come up with something New & original. But if this or any other design is similar to a previous submitted / published design please inform me by copy & paste a link to the similar design & inform about the creator in the your comments. In the past I have created watch designs inspired by members of the TF blog but I always tried to mention that in my submission or comments section of my submitted / published design’s. I like your comment about: “The contest of Life” as this reflect the idea behind this design.


  3. The idea is good and I was going to suggest that the current minute could actually move in and attach to the egg (i.e. the start of the fertilisation process), but then I looked at the comments to Andy’s “Fertilization watch” that Patrick has pointed out. Wow, what a lot of negative comments that are related to the process! So, just as well you didn’t go that far and I hope your viewers are kinder!
    I don’t think I’d go for the swimming animation, but, like TF, I do like the e-paper version (white on black screen looks best).
    Good luck, Andrew, and 5*.


    • I like you idea about current minute (Sperm) attaching it self to the Ovum: Egg, therefor starting the Conception Process. However I feel that the swimming “Sperm” animation would only add to this the theme of the watch.
      Patrick did point out the similarity between my “Conception” wristwatch & the “Fertilization”:

      But so far I received some criticisms which I have / Will address but mostly kind words of support for my Idea.


  4. I must admit that I would be a little un-easy wearing a design with this inspiration as cool as the outcome might be.
    This is one for the biologists and maybe the free loving tree hugging brigade. I like the creativity tho so best of luck sir! 😀


    • Pete I appreciate your honesty about the look / style of this wristwatch & your support for my creativity behind it.
      I realize that the “Conception” is a little bit out there it it aimed at people looking for more organic display.
      This wrist watch concept is aimed at biologists & tree hugging spiritualists.


  5. Other than the symbol used for the minute, I like it. Water drops ( the < toward the center ) / simple dashes would be good.

    I love the idea for the 12 / 24 hour.

    I feel like markers are needed. 1 / both ring(s) could have 12 holes / cut-out parts. The PM/AL/date could be located in the circle at the center.


    • Thanks Makkovik Simple dashes / droplets may be a simple / but little plain for me.
      I have no objection to the bezel being marked so that it aids with time keeping without it inferring with the overall concept / design on this watch.
      AM / PM could be add to the center Nucleus again to make it easier to read the display. The Mode Markers, Surrounding the edge of the movement display denote the current Selected mode, Alarm: ( ), Date, D: ) & Time: a 3/4 completed Circle.


      • I made a mistake about the PM/AL/date!

        I wanted to say AL & date with a vertical line in the center, to keep the 24H in 12 positions.

        I like the way you added “time” to alarm & date. The current method is good.

        I like the decorations on each side & like the band design.

        The minutes could also be shaped in oval (like seed) = bigger head/no tail.


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