Cubex watch inspired by modern custom interiors (update)

Design submitted by Gordon from the USA.

Gordon says: I wanted to make a watch inspired by modern custom interiors. I was hoping to come up with a unique method of time telling but more importantly i was hoping it would compliment the overall design.

Time telling is pretty straight forward, notice that the date can also be told as illustrated.In one image i tried to show what it might look like in e-ink, another image with tinted glass over that. The rest of the colored ones would be led.

I would like like to see anyone with a wrist wearing my watch.

I think the choice of materials may put this design apart from previous watches as well as being another way to use e-ink

UPDATE: wood version

14 thoughts on “Cubex watch inspired by modern custom interiors (update)

  1. Nice to see you back with a new design Gordon!
    I think this is appealing to anyone who likes an artistic approach to their time telling. Simple lines, geometric shapes, yet still very easy to read. The off-set case is a nice touch & follows the architectural theme; as we have a deck or balcony surrounding the living space.

    The colour version makes it intuitive to read, but the monochrome version is more complimentary to the mood.
    Perhaps there is a middle ground to give subtle tints. Still, both versions look great when considered alone.


  2. Looks ver nice Gordon! (Nice to see your work back on the blog sir) I love the asymmetric case and the telling looks very nice too. I could imagine there being a more adventurous time telling version using the geometric shapes too. The 12/5/9 is very initiative especially in RGB. 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


  3. Cool style with the asymmetric placement of the case. I like the stone version on your page! The display is nice, almost like a little artwork. I would prefer the monochrome version – more elegant. The Good luck Gordon!!


  4. I love the geometric shapes, Gordon. I could read this very fast. I like the red/orange display, as well as the yellowist color in the last image via the link above.


  5. Thanks Xian, I thought grouping the triangles in sets of 2,3,4 would speed up time telling once the user gets a hang of it


  6. Very simple but very effective. The asymmetric case does add to the appeal. I prefer the monochrome versions, so tinted e-paper for me, please.
    Good luck and 5*/Y.


  7. I like the overall look. I prefer the red/green/blue. I’d be tempted to use the am for alarm/date. I would have like to see more time example, or a legend, to know the reading order of every segment. (minor detail)

    I would buy.


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