Hadron watch accelerates time particles

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Hadron is a Torus analogue wrist watch is inspired by the large Hadron collider at CERN. The Hadron Collider uses high powered electromagnets to pull atoms / electrons around a giant loop of Vacuum tube to close the speed of light before smashing them together to reveal the sub-atomic structure of the universe. This lead to the discover of the Higgs boson Particle. (Materials: See Diagrams)

Two ring Display the time in a simple Analogue format with Ball Bearing taking the place of Hands, which are pulled around the display with series of electromagnets. With a similar layout to a standard wrist watch / clock Outer Ring: Minute, Inner: Hours. The Centre Ring is the AM: OFF / PM: ON indicator. The movement still displays time whilst the back light is off: Inactive.

The wristwatch will appeal to both particle physicists & to the fashion conscious individual look for a minimal wristwatch.

The hollow torus / halo shape of this wristwatch makes look futuristic.

Plus this wrist watch is solar Cells to boost the wrist watch powered reserves.

Each ring is LED back light / filled with Neon Gas who brightness is controlled by light sensors located in the solar cell ring: bright: Night/Dark or Subdued: Day /Bright light conditions thus saving back light power.

12 thoughts on “Hadron watch accelerates time particles

  1. I like the hadron theme & the hole in the watch suits that perfectly.
    The magnetic ball bearing to indicate the time is very cool but probably not possible due to the high costs to make such a system. However, the same look could probably be achieved another way.
    It would look great if the LEDs could pulse in a way that looked like the 2 rings were rotating in opposite directions!


    • I appreciate your approval of the Hadron torus / halo watch face case. I created this concept I was trying to push the design & technological envelope for an analogue wristwatch. I did not realise the expense of creating such a display. Could a similar looking magnetic display be creating using Mercury, either suspend in transparent fluid or encapsulated in a plastic ball with the display tubes. I like your suggestion of counter LED rotating Back lights.


  2. Cool concept. I like how you’ve taken the inspiration into a design as simple (in a good way) as this. It’d be very easy to complicate it.

    I agree with TF that the ball bearing idea is very nice, but probably not feasible. I know similar things have been done on ultra-high-end watches (can’t remember the name unfortunately), but in this case a simpler printed disc or such would likely be a better solution.

    Maybe a chromed plastic ball fastened to a transparent disc weighted to make it balanced? You wouldn’t really see the rolling of an actual chrome ball anyway…

    Either way this looks very good, best of luck Andrew! =)


    • Thanks for your kind words concerning the overall concept behind this wristwatch.
      If the magnetic Ball bearing was to expensive or too difficult to mass produce I think that the Chrome Plastic mounted on weighed transparent disc sound more realistic whilst remaining close to the original.


    • Dear Xian I am also Dyslexic & I realize the potential for embarrassment when pronouncing the name of this wrist watch: Hadron. So in order to prevent this I suggest one the following alternate names: Accelerator, Boson, Higgs, Or Particle. If you have a better one please feel free to add your own & I will consider which one Like the most.


  3. Nice inspiration with an interesting result. I have seen one watch that used ball bearings to display the time. It was for the visually impaired. I got the impression it was quite expensive as the movement would have needed to be very robust. The added complication in this case is the hole in the middle which makes using a conventional movement difficult which I guess is how you ended up with the magnetic solution. If you could simulate the hole in the centre then an analogue movement and ball on the end of hands would be feasible. Maybe a clever mirror arrangement or something would make it all possible. If it can be done it would be cool 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


    • Pete I wanted to create an analogue wrist watch with a futuristic movement with a torus / Halo watch face. I decided to use ball bearing for hand which would be pull around the display using a series of electro magnets around the display would be cool & stand out from other analogue wristwatches Designs. So the Hadron only has two moving parts: Ball bearing hands. I did not realize the expense of difficulty of this technology till later.
      Your suggestion of mirrors in the center maybe easier to manufacture in the long run.


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