Vortex LED watch sends time spinning

Design submitted by Justin from the UK.

Justin says: Vortex was the result of two minds coming together, both mine and my good friend Simon. We discussed and doodled one day and then once he had left I sat down at my PC and got busy with the CAD part and tweaking the aesthetics and minor details.

This design is an analog watch but uses a spiral rather than a complete circle to indicate the numbers. The hours begin at the outer most LED and count inwards in the usual manner. The 5 X Mins follow on from the hour LEDs and then the single minutes are found in the center of the watch ending the spiral.

Each section (Hours, 5 X Mins & single mins) are allocated a separate colour as not to clash for easy reading.

This design is one for the usual TokyoFlash bunch who like the easy yet cryptic display and bright eye-catching colours. The big chunky face and strap might make it lean towards a more male orientated customer base but given a slender strap it could be for the ladies too.

The unique display and easy time telling method could make this a popular watch. Rather than having A & B buttons there is a winding mechanism located on the side of the watch which could be used to set the time, keeping with the turning/spiral/spinning theme and also act as a push button to activate the LEDs.

Thanks for reading and both me and Simon hope you like Vortex.

15 thoughts on “Vortex LED watch sends time spinning

  1. Thank you for posting TF!! Hope you guys like the watch. As usual, any questions or queries, suggestions or the like will be happily received.



  2. Hi Justin, the theme of the spiral is often mentioned on the blog TF. I like the symbolism of the spiral, Have you seen the draft Sam “Spiraling LED”, there is a lot of similarity with yours.
    I vote 5 * / Yes, though…


  3. Hi patrick thanks for your support and vote.

    I have looked through a great deal of blog submissions but there are many more which i havent seen due to the sheer number and the lack of free time i have. As always in this business theres bound to be many instances of gmta lol

    Ill have a look when i finish work, life would be so much simpler if i could design all day long ; )


    • Who of enter us can conceive all the day? Only professionals.
      That sometimes happens to have already conceived ideas, it is not quite serious and it is good sign, that means that they are certainly good idea.


  4. Simple & effective. Nice how the Hours & 5 Mins line up with the clock face for easy reading!
    I think the shape of the LED’s could perhaps be experimented with to give some added flair – perhaps wider LEDs on the outside & getting narrower as they spiral in. Vortex is a great name & the blue/white one does have an ocean feel to it too.


    • Cheers for the feedback TF…I was thinking the same about tinkering with the layout slightly, who knows…maybe Vortex 2.0 will keep the same time telling basis yet look totally new…as I cheesily say…time will tell lol


  5. Interesting project, Justin. I thought about, how to use those as a spiral. If only this spiral similar to Fibonacci Sequence.


  6. The spiral theme may not be unique, but this clean and simple design is very effective. It should be easy for TF to produce and a good addition to their line.
    The hours & 5-minutes matching the traditional positions do make this very easy to read and remove the need for markers to help count. Clever.
    I prefer the two colour versions, but they all look good.
    5*/Y and good luck.


  7. I cant really add much that hasn’t already been said, nice looking clean simple design. The only questions are a). Does TF want to make room for a spiral inspired watch on the watches page, and b) Does this version appeal the most compared to the others. Only spirally time will tell. 5/Y Best of luck sir! πŸ˜€


  8. Whoa, has noone else thought of this before? Cool πŸ˜€ Very good idea to make the time readable like this. The display is good, the watch… I’d like the geometry playing with the spiral effect. A simple flat display isn’t enough for the cool spiral. When the watch is off, it should still draw some attention, making people wonder, how that thing cen tell the time… On the other hand, minimalism is a choice too πŸ™‚ Anyway, good luck you two!!


    • As always Sam your feedback is most welcome. Can’t believe that no one else has thought of this method before.

      I believe that this is simply the beginning for vortex…I am currently working on Vortex 2.0 and in this design/reimagining I am working on tweaking not only the aesthetics but part of the time telling function…

      Watch this space…

      Ps. Thank you for your comments and support. Most appreciated my good man.


  9. I like the spiral & using 2-3 colors for the LED’s (using only one would be bad unless # were engraved on/around the lights, which would be very bad)


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