Koinshidensu – Waves of LED that displays time

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says:  “… as the reflection of the stars on the wave delicate of the pond …”, but what time is it?The “Koinshidensu-Watch”, as its name indicates it, makes coincide enigmatic pieces of LED, so that they form readable figures.

It is necessary to look at the watch perpendicular to its vision and to make it swivel, towards outside, in line with arm, until the figures are formed to give the hour (hours in top and minutes in bottom of the dial.) The activation of the LED is done like my “Convex-Watch”, by a rotation of the wrist in line with arm. This activation can be also made by a button.

AM-PM – Displays the time and date – Alarm mode

The “Koinshidensu-Watch” is intended mainly to the elegant women and to the refined men.

The “Koinshidensu-Watch” is readable only by the wearer of the watch. Its unique shape has never been produced so far, to my knowledge? (the only similar forms are the “Tsunami-Watch” and the “Wavy-Watch”.)

21 thoughts on “Koinshidensu – Waves of LED that displays time

      • Hehe A bit daft like me. 😀 One thing I thought of earlier is that you could maybe add something in the space between the 2 halves of the digits to make them look like weird indecipherable symbols from above, but when viewed from the correct angle form digits. Anyway, just an idea. 😉


  1. I like trying to read the time when the numbers are split, but also having an easy option of reading it from the right angle (it’s like a more extreme version of Upload in that way). I also like the shape of the numbers and the watch shape too. All in all, a great design. The black versions are best – I’ll have one with green numbers please.
    Good luck and 5*/Y


  2. Oh a little beauty. I think the middle line could be thinner. Maybe you can leave it away, that would make a more harmonic image. Or the middle line could have a little wave. I like how the waves in the case can be found in the numbers (what a coincidence!) I wouldn’t wear these waves but it’s a nice and elegant design. Supportive 5*/YES 🙂


  3. Classy! It reminds me of a couple of designs from way back, but new enough to be its own thing. Good to see something with a softer shape, too. Seems more feminine than most which is a good thing in my book. The transition between case and strap might be refined, but that’s a detail. Bonne chance monsieur! =)


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