Dead Pixel watch comes with a defective display

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: If you purchase an electronic product with TFT LCD screen, it can be annoying if you found out later that your screen have an or several dead or defective pixels. I got inspiration from dead pixel to design a Dead Pixel Watch.

Dead Pixel watch is a simple watch with segmented color LCD with EL back light used in many TF watches. It looks like a watch with an empty screen, but actually it has several pixels that used to indicate time, in analog-12-5-9 format. The watch is supplied with indicators sticker which help user to initially familiarize with the 12-5-9 steps and analog positions. The sticker can be detached once user has mastered the steps and time telling. Inner step is 12 hour, middle step is 50 minute and outer step is 9 minute – all in analog positions.

The watch is suitable for geeks and stylish people who love uniqueness. It can be an interesting topic for conversation starter. I’s like you have a watch with empty face and only you can see the time, since most people will not really notice the dead pixels.

The watch is feasible to be made and will only use few LCD segments which would make it more affordable.

11 thoughts on “Dead Pixel watch comes with a defective display

  1. would be amazing if the display could cycle colors, or have a mirror-like face so you could see yourself in it. I would defs buy a mirror style dead pixel watch


  2. Hi Fir, very simple and very clever idea. It’s not really for me though, I wouldn’t want a product that looks like it’s broken, that’s my personal taste. Also I could imagine having to squint to see the time and looking like I need glasses. The training sticker is a good idea! I hope this design suites others better! 5/n best of luck sir! 😀


  3. I like the idea, but my eyesight is not up to reading this. The black is just about possible, but I think it best for me to give this one a miss. Hope others go for it, though. Good luck.


  4. Ok guys just to let you know that Firdaus R was myself when I comment during office time. I only logged in from my laptop when I’m on leave or at my nest. So I just recently realised that I can change my nick name in profile, so then you see Firdaus 2013. I changed the layout color to blue too.

    As for the watch design I think it is fun to have a watch with empty screen only you know how to tell the time without pressing or doing anything… no blinking… like psychic… looking at the mirror… so mirror LCD would be brilliant.

    Patrick suggestion is good too, yup I thought of easy mode like the optional setting of the pixel size or blinking square outside square. Easy mode would be handy during emergency yes.

    Thanks again for any feedback!


  5. Not sure if dust on my screen or actual watch display 😉

    It’s a funny idea. So simple! It can be cheap and makes people talk. The helpful sticker for the first days is cool. The watch geometry could be more elegant but that’s it. Cool idea up there about the different pixel sizes. At the right price, it’s mine. Good luck Fir!


  6. I believe this watch won’t be a great success, to difficult to read the time, I would keep it much more simple then this, but the idea is actually not that bad at all.


  7. I like the idea. I like the sticker & would probably leave it there because I like the “spiderweb” look.

    It would be nice if the case had markers. It would help if the “dead” pixel size where bigger and bigger as they are closer to the border.


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