Flower watch for fun summertime fashion.

Design submitted by Sebastian from Germany.

Sebastian says: When i was looking at all the amazing and fresh and as well futuristic designs I was enthusiastic and showed them to my wife. “Nice, but where are the watches for women?” …She was right, there are missing the women watches in Tokyoflash’s collection.

This was my incentive to create something for girls and young women. So here we are… The idea for the flower-design was given to me by my little girl, who’s always drawing very colorful flowers in any color-combination you can imagine.

I would like to see the watch in very colorful, trendy eyecatching colors. The variation of the outer and inner colors is quite endless. Compatible to the colors the material of the case and the bracelet should be a soft silicone or any other soft plastic.

The time-reading is very simple and self-explaining. The both upper rings of this LCD-watch are showing the 10 and single hours, the lower rings show the 10 and single minutes. The inner circle is surrounded by the seconds.

The watch is using stylish and modern, slightly abstract numbers. Quite easy to read when you once got them.

As already mentioned, it’s a girls watch. It could be worn by women, starting from the younger girl up to young women or the ones who feel in the mood for a young, fresh and popping design.

The design gives girls and women the opportunity having a fresh and colorful watch that stands out from the crowd without having a super-hyper-mega-technical watch. Simple, trendy, eyecatching.

13 thoughts on “Flower watch for fun summertime fashion.

  1. This is certainly a fun and funky design. The numbers are cryptic but easy enough. The design has a pop-arty, And Warhol feel to it. I could imagine this going down well with young women. Very nice 5/Y (as a gift) best of luck and welcome to the blog! 😀


  2. Good to see a feminine (if rather girly) design! The concept seems well worked through; the display, body and strap gel with each other very well. I like the look of the digits, too. Not very cryptic perhaps, but they don’t need to be. I’m not sure how exactly it could be produced, but I’m sure it’d be possible to come close to the presented look. the colours seem well-chosen as well, bright but not too garish for what it is.
    Nice to see something a bit different from the hard-edged, futuristic and metallic.=) Good luck Sebastian!


    • Thanks for the warm welcome and of course the publishing of my idea. 😀
      First of all, sorry for the 2D drawing, I’m still learning 3D and it will still take some time for some better visualization.


      • No need to apologize, the images are clear and fit the concept. Unfortunately cool-looking 3D images tend to garner higher votes… No big mystery why, but I think it’s unfortunate that some ideas aren’t rated on their own merits. Anyways, welcome! I’m looking forward to seeing more from you.


  3. Sebastian, I really love this design because it’s so colourful. Unfortunately, I don’t think really colourful watches go down very well on this blog – it’s a pity.

    Anyway, from me a definite 5 stars and yes!!


  4. Hi Sebastian! Don’t worry, about 2D. The images are beautiful and tell your idea perfectly. I have to say, I wouldnt wear these watches but I like the mood they give. Cool color combinations! I wonder if the numbers would look better with a hatch of diagonal lines inside them. The outlines of the numbers look a little lost and it’s not easy to see them. It’s not necessarily about being easy for the practical time telling but also for the aesthetics. Well girls shall have such watches and I support the idea. 5*/YES for the luck 🙂


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