“Dashed” LCD watch with sliding blind effect display.

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: DASHED is an LCD watch with time, date and alarm functions.

The upper two digits indicates the hours and month, the lower two digits indicates the minutes or days. The “slide” effect is activated automatically in every minutes or when you press the “A” button.

13 thoughts on ““Dashed” LCD watch with sliding blind effect display.

  1. Hi Laszlo, this is great! Probably my new favourite of your more recent designs. It looks good , the cryptic numbers look great and aren’t too difficult to read , there’s a reveal mode for when you need it. I really can’t fault it, nice work sir! 5/Y best of luck 😀


  2. Simple, clean and stylish; not much to critizise really…=) I’m really digging the numbers; at a glance it looks indecipherable, but once you know the trick it’s very easy. It reminds me of a couple of other designs that’ve gotten made, and the design looks very feasible, so it should have a real chance. Good work, the only nit I could pick would be that it might be a little too clean and square, if you know what I mean… But I’m farily sure that wouldn’t keep many from buying it. Good luck!


  3. Not many comments on this, but the rating reflects how good it is, so voting has been good.
    This is a lot simpler than I would normal choose, but I really like it. I can’t see the need for the Instant Read function myself, but maybe some would go for it – no problem as I can just not use it. Good luck. 5*/Y


  4. Hey, Laszlo. I’m assuming you probably initially tried to only show the digits in shadow and felt they were too cryptic? I’d vote for just shadowing a single side, so that 1 would only have a single line, half of the lines of the 2 wouldn’t show, the line at the far right of the 3 would be eliminated, etc.


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