Simple but creative “Ozone” watch design.

Design submitted by Dimitar from Bulgaria.

Dimitar says: This is my next design called “Ozonе”.  I decided to create a simple design looking  watch and after different ideas I chose this one.

It’s a watch with two different ways to display the hours. The Ozonе is a watch for those who like round and circly displays with a stylish look and  a easy to read design.

12 thoughts on “Simple but creative “Ozone” watch design.

  1. Sexy 😉 I think the combination of the gradient with the watch hand display is stylish. The presentation is minimalistic and I like it very much. 5*/YES

    Honorable mention of Jordan’s Cyclops design here, which is different but shares a basic idea. Now that Robert submitted a similar design, it seems this idea is a dream of many of us.


    • Don’t worry Robert. I think the idea might have been thought of earlier somewhere. I believe sooner or later Tokyoflash will make such a watch 🙂

      The **** were a censored cute word, not four stars btw.


      • Dear Samukun,

        Probably you are right! 🙂

        But the concept of my Trinary Ternary LED watch is a totally new idea, and I am waiting for its publishing here in vain almost for a month… 😦

        But I am so curious about what will be the opinions of yours 🙂


  2. Simple, but elegant without looking snobbish. Very nice work! Even though I think I can work it out I’d like to see a complete explanation, including minutes. Some more examples would be a bonus, but not really necessary. Good luck with it!


  3. I like the simple but futuristic look of this. The colours make me think of a spirit level for some reason. If this was made and turned into an LCD hopefully the segmentation wouldn’t detract. E-paper and a coloured lens might work and give the gradient effect. Or an Analogue disc arrangement might give the desired effect. Looks nice so 5/Y from me 😀


  4. I like the idea & the display. It look like 2 radars that aren’t aligned. I prefer the “hours variant 2”, because the circle is stationary. But I would prefer if it was in the top-left corner. I would have liked to have the minutes explained!


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