Rome watch re-designs the classical numerals.

Design submitted by Andy from the Ukraine.

Andy says: I decided design something new based on roman digits stylish watch

In this concept is used  re-styling of Roman digits.

In differents  to the standard format telling  Roman digits, such as 25 means  XXV,  in this concept is shown as 2+5 and  respectively  the display shows the 2 Roman digits  II and  V. For example current time 12:56 is telling in format  1+2 :  5+ 6 or Roman digits in the cells display as  I  II :  V  VI

In the upper part of the case  shows the current  day and date.

This watch can be interesting for peoples, who like not the traditional way for telling time. For peoples who like futuristic and minimalistic style in watches.

New way to tell the time, using re-styled Roman digits

20 thoughts on “Rome watch re-designs the classical numerals.

  1. Hi Andy, it’s been a while that one saw you on this Blog.
    By hazard, yesterday I went to see your new designs and today, you return to us, that’s cool!
    I do not pretend to judge a professional designer, therefore by principle, my note will be to the maximum.


    • Hi, Patrick! Thank you so much. I’ll be back to our Tokyo-blog with few others concepts in the near future. Good luck!


  2. Nice to see you back on the blog Andy! With another quality concept. Very funky and interesting design! Has a retro futuristic look, very interesting time telling too! Tri-ovally awesome! 🙂 5/Y best of luck sir!
    Ps happy bday for the other day! 😀


  3. Definitely outstanding watch in the roman numeral topic! As much as I appreciate the case and the numerals, the date displays are too much for me. I would prefer blank space there. But aside from this, these displays are nicely integrated. Their shape looks like part of the numerals which is also a nice idea. So Andy, cool design, not fully my cup of tea though. Good luck!!


  4. Reminds me of Nooka watches. I love their designs, even if the watches aren’t the best in the world in terms of quality. Hope Tokyoflash can make this, while preserving the quality! 5y


  5. I like the retro look. I like the sand timer look of the 5 & 10. I feel like the month is missing.

    I wish I had that idea for my Mayan numeral watch. ( I choose to use the real digits )


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