Onyx watch blends LED with unique materials.

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Anders says: I sketched an LED layout which would fit a sober, angular case. To add a bit of elegance (and hopefully some feminine appeal) I had the additional idea of letting the display shine through a panel of contrasting material, which could also be repeated in the links of the strap.

Time is told by three central LED elements showing the hour, in a vague analog of a traditional clock. The minutes are told by one or two flashing LEDs indicating the current 5-minute group and between zero and four LEDs indicating the single minutes.

I imagine the strap to be stretchable (spring-loaded, basically), with removeable links on the end to allow adjustment for different wrists. Imitated panel materials can be very varied; agate, wood, lacquer, carbon fiber, metal and others.

The case and strap would probably look best in steel, gold or some other metal finish, to give a reassuring solidity to it. I would hope this to appeal to women as well as men, with its somewhat executive styling.

14 thoughts on “Onyx watch blends LED with unique materials.

    • Thanks for the support Patrick! I had the idea of indicating the unlit hour LEDs subtly, but by then I’d already rendered the images…=7


  1. Looks really great this one, its got a retro sci-fi feel. The time telling is really simple and works well. I don’t entirel understand how you tell am/pm but I probably missed something. Minor detail anyways. Black/graphite/carbon inlays and dark gun-metal case would be sweet. 5/Y Best of luck sir! 😀


    • Thanks Pete! Actually, there is no am-pm indication (you’ll have to keep track of whether it’s 3 in the morning or afternoon yourself)…=)
      I hope you’ll have the chance to choose some day.



      • Fair enough, must have been because you have 24hr time format time examples. Am/pm indicators are not an important feature for me. Yeah let’s hope we have the burden of having to pick colour combinations some day! 😉


      • Right, yeah, that problem’s cropped up before…=) It’s due to my insistence on having all digits represented in the examples… But I did manage to steer clear of it in my latest (as yet unpublished) submission. It remains to be seen whether it makes any difference…=)

        Hehe, yes, there’s a problem I could live with…=)


  2. Really cool analog based digital display! The look is stylish and minimalistic, I like that. The materials are very nice combined with the futuristic display. The last time would be 11:59 right? I’d get me one of these Anders. Good luck!


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