Timewave bracelet flows round your wrist

Design submitted by Laurin from Australia.

Laurin says: I had a dream of two waves merging to a centre point. Then I saw each wave flow back to it’s starting point.

Read from the Centre Top point MIDNIGHT – colour Silver. Both sides of the circle are the same. i.e. mirror image. Wave flows down to bottom centre point to 12 MIDDAY. Start next wave at Centre Top – MIDDAY – colour Gold. Flow down again to bottom centre point 12 MIDNIGHT. Middle Black line represents minutes. Also from Top Centre point down middle of watch to bottom centre point. 60 minutes Complete.

This time piece can be worn by anyone. As a Fashion/jewellery piece or can be precisional with added details such as seconds, days, months, year. The Silver, Gold, Black gives the watch a classy, futuristic appeal.

The concept is unique and simple.Minimal design. Easy on the eye. The time is shown as a luminous metallic liquid. Like mercury in a thermometer. “TIMEWAVE” universal, non-gender specific and different!

5 thoughts on “Timewave bracelet flows round your wrist

  1. Definitely a cool idea to let the bracelet be a time display! This base idea has alot of potential. Matte gold and silver work fine as bracelet color/material. The base material could be gold-ish while the display could be mirror LCD. Not sure about how to add the black line. The time of the colored angled view is 6:15 right? It’s ok that you keep a sober look. Maybe it could be a bit more detailed and more eye catching though. Anyway, good luck Laurin and welcome to the blog!!


  2. I like the idea and imagine in the right materials would look very nice. Would also be pretty initiative. I think subtle markers would be useful. I think feasibility (with todays tech) is this concepts biggest obstacle. Fingers crossed it can be done. 5/Y best of luck and welcome to the blog! 😀


  3. Hi Laurin, it is not enough to have an high technology to have good idea, the proof.
    The concern is that to read the hour, the ring would have to be turned, because it ravels on all the circumference, but it is possible.
    The fact of thinking, of proposing something, even the very simple one, with the first access, deserves 5 stars and one Yes.


  4. I agree with previous comments Laurin and I can not contribute anything constructive except my support to this concept.
    Y / 5 *


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