X-shape watch uses dots & lines to conceal the digital time

Design submitted by Dimitar from Bulgaria.

Dimitar says: I have worked on a different shape watch with fresh youthful design and after different ideas I chose this one.

It’s a LCD watch with two different ways to display time. The upper half indicates hours and the lower indicates minutes.

9 thoughts on “X-shape watch uses dots & lines to conceal the digital time

  1. Cooool ^^ I like the blue one more but the pink one is cute. I’m not sure, maybe an x-shaped watch case is too extreme for many people. Still, cool numbers, cool alignment, cool colors. Good luck! Oh, and very nice presenation 🙂


  2. What Sam said…=) I’d just like to add that I really like seeing a new shape. Nothing wrong with circles, rectangles and hexagons, but an X? Yes please…
    Very nice work!


  3. ALthough the “X” layout isnt totally new as Adam points out above the time telling on this version is very nice and suits the layout really well. The presentation is also really nice. If this was in a shop I would happily buy so for that reason 5/Y and welcome to the blog! 😀


  4. Hi, Dimitar. I like the design, very stealthy. Should give the elements in the center intersection a purpose, perhaps for AM/PM?


  5. I support the x-shaped watch idea. This has appeared elsewhere on the blog, but didn’t poll so well, from memory. Anyway, best of luck…looks nice! 5y


    • I’ll elaborate:

      I’m not a fan of digits angled at 45degree.
      The dots version have too many dots. (maybe some in the center could be removed. Like all except the one in the center)
      I would prefer an hexagonal case.

      but there’s 2 good thing here:
      1) I like the digits.
      2) This one have a better strap than the “X watch” by Zoltan. (I liked the display on that one)


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