GAMERZ watch for your arcade lifestyle

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: GAMERZ watch design is inspired by gaming rigs; those gaming PC case, gaming notebook, gaming mouse & keyboard etc. It is a combination of LCD and LED time telling in a watch. On idle (LCD) mode, user can tell the time without pressing a button as the time is always on. This is very useful when on driving or during outdoor under direct sunlight. Indoor and during night time, the hybrid (LCD+LED) mode will make the watch more appealing to enjoy.

During idle mode (LCD only / backlight is off) the time telling is straight forward digital number read upside down [HHMM]. In hybrid mode (LCD/ backlight on +LED) the time telling is almost identical as of in Kisai Night Vision and Kisai Logo.

People who like scifi and gamers would love this design.

Taking consideration of available technology that feasible for production, the watch face and strap were custom designed to harmonize the futuristic element, quality look, usability, style and comfort.

27 thoughts on “GAMERZ watch for your arcade lifestyle

  1. This is a brilliant design. I love everything about it. I believe that being a hybrid lcd+led design it provides more practicality during the day than traditional led designs, while maintaining that awesome flashy led look at night. Make this watch TF. Really nice concept designs and style. 6/5*



  2. I like the idea, it seems very easy to read once you get used to the display and i think it’s a great design.


  3. WOW am in love with this design, especially the one with the red display. Love the fact its a hybrid lcd/led design. Instant 5/Y🙂


  4. Looks great and its cool to have the best of both worlds with the LCD and LED, if it had a battery power indicator you would be able to conserve power by leaving the LEDs off. Great images too, 5/Y Best of luck Fir!😀


  5. Lost: Bottom jaw.
    Last seen:Looking at this awesome concept!😀

    It has to be the LCD and LED version for me. Amazing design, beautifully rendered. Great work.

    Surprisingly i think i prefer the green too!


  6. Yes, very well done Firdaus – its the perfect fusion of analogue, digital & LED/LCD. I think it would be a pleasure to wear & to use. Definitely gets top marks from me.


  7. Congratulations, I can not bring anything new and constructive so I share most of existing comments made​​.
    Awesome concept. Good job. Best of luck


  8. This is awesome Firdy. Love almost every aspect of this…only thing I don’t go for is the name.



  9. RyanMcG, Husky, Heather, changbachang, Czarina, Krautesh Vakir, Pete, SamA+, Jason, Scott G, Jose, dzign555.

    Thank you all for your supports. May the future is bright for this design!


  10. This watch looks amazing, this is a watch i would wear everyday, hell i wouldnt take it off

    I give it a 10 in my book


  11. I like gaming pc/accessories look, even if I’m not a gamer, & sci-fi inspired watches. I love this one.

    Amazing overall look ! I would buy. My fav is the red light. 5*


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