Split watch slices through time.

Design submitted by Matthew from the USA.

Matthew says:Β I came up with this concept while I was working on another concept. I started to play around with the logo. I cropped off the top part of the logo, and placed it basically right next to the bottom half. This gave me the inspiration of creating a design that can be easily read, while the top half of the number is sliced from the bottom half of the number.

This design is called “Split”, because the numbers are split in half. You read the time going down. The top box is the tens digit hour, the second box is the ones digit hour, the third box is the tens digit minute, and the fourth box is the ones digit minute.

This concept is stylish for all ages. Whether you are 15 or 65, people will still be able to wear this watch and read the time, as long as they know the secret.

Since “Split” is designed like a wristband, it will be comfortable to wear. Besides this feature, there is also a “reveal” button to show the time if you are having trouble reading it! Lastly, you can get this watch in a variety of colors, including blue, red, and green!

16 thoughts on “Split watch slices through time.

  1. Its a nice idea Matthew but I’m afraid that Samukun (Sam from Germany) did a very similar concept called “veer” some time back, and If I’m honest I prefer his version. That said its a very support worthy concept irrespective of who’s version so 5/Y Best of luck sir! πŸ˜€


    • Thanks Pete. Well I do agree that Sam’s design is pretty similar, but truthfully I didn’t actually see his design until a bit later after I sent this one in.


      • These things happen mate, I didn’t think for a second that you had seen Sam’s design prior.
        There aren’t many totally unique ideas left anymore without inventing new tech etc. So its inevitable that some ideas will be similar to others. I always think if more than one person comes up with an idea independently from each other it means that the idea is most probably a good one (or both designers are crazy! lol)


  2. Hi Matthew – there have been similar ideas before, but i think this one still offers something different, and is worth presenting. Nice work on the arm and the animation! πŸ™‚ Good luck with this! 5*
    ps- i think there’s a mistake on the 9.


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