Ana/LED watch combines displays into one.

Design submitted by Matt from Canada.

Matt says: My idea was to use an analog watch to display the time as a 12-5-9 display, which would also enable the addition of the second.

The result is a 12-6-10 display, because the 0 are needed for the 10’s and single minutes. It’s using the well-known red/green/blue to display the hour and minutes, by associating the color of the hand with the one on the display. They are retrograde, which mean they make a 1/10 rotation when the single minute change, a 1/6 rotation at every 10 minutes, and a 1/12 rotation at every hour.

Since there is only a crown, it can also be made as a pocket watch.

There are 4 sub dials, at 3-6-9-12 o’clock :

  • At 6, it’s the second, which can be analog or digital.
  • At 9, it’s the weekday, as a 2 letters digital.
  • At 12, it’s the month, as a 3 letters digital.
  • At 3, it’s the date, as a 2 digits digital.

The display of the hour and minute, start at 12 o’clock and go clockwise. The time reading order is :

  1. the small, inner, ring ( red ) ;
  2. the green ring, in the middle ;
  3. the big, outer, ring ( blue ) ;
  4. the sub dial at 6 o’clock which show the second.

This one will appeal to people who are looking for a distinctive analog watch.

The combination of the 12-5-9 and the retrograde analog displays make it exceptional. And also : The colored dials-hands association and the number are written on the segment, to help the time reading speed. The always on weekday, month and date displays ( depending on the version ).

14 thoughts on “Ana/LED watch combines displays into one.

  1. cool idea. i’m always a fan of analogue-esque designs; much moreso than digital/led/etc designs.

    however, not sure whose idea it was to name a story with a circular shaped device “analed”. curious. lol


  2. Great idea, Matt. My understanding is that there are four hands, right? If that’s the case, you need a picture with all four hands visible. The concept appeals to me, but the colours are clashing. This could be fixed up, however. I’m a sucker for analogue watches, so with the right overall design, I might be swayed.

    Cheers, 5y


  3. This is a nice hybrid of analoge and 12-5-9, should hopefully appeal to fans in both camps. I like the colourful aspect although the hands do blend in a little, if they could be made more clear that would be great.
    The chrono functions are a nice bonus! 5/Y Best of luck! 😀


    • For the hand-dial part, I choose to use 2 separate color to ease thing with paint & to make the hand stand-out a bit. Their color and size could be changed. The hands could be black since the number are written on the dial segment.


  4. Ty TF to publish it.

    To commentators : If you have a preference ( subdials position, style, regular or pocket ), Please, tell us.


  5. Since time is running out, it’s time to say :

    Thanks to TF for posting it.

    Thank you voter ( it’s the 1st time my design hit 3+ ) & commenter.

    I’ll do a second version.


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