Drone LED watch creates quad-turbine effect

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is ‘Drone’. I wanted to come up with a new watch using elements of Turbine, I thought what could be better than one Turbine?………..four Turbines was my answer.

This version is inspired  by quadcopter drones, a popular gadget lovers rc toy. This theme combined with the animation of Turbine and the time telling format of Hunter Time Killer gives the result you see in the images.

The time is told by the four Turbines, each Turbine shows one part of the time in an analogue format. The top two Turbines display the hours and the bottom two the minutes. The four displays could be either backlit LCD of LED in the same manner as the LCD version of Turbine.

This display format allows for engine spinning animations and time telling animations.

This design may appeal to the same people who liked Turbine and Hunter Time Killer, those who like sci-fi films, gadgets and big boys toys.

This design stands out due to its striking look, funky animations and novel inspiration. The design could be either LCD or LED so therefore is viable from a manufacturing perspective.

Alternate time-telling mode:

31 thoughts on “Drone LED watch creates quad-turbine effect

  1. Really like the design. I don’t know if intended, but the views where the cilinders are visible through the body are really nice. A Y and 5* for me!


    • Oh I bet Sir Peter did this on purpose to make us drool 😉

      Super cool quadruple digital analog inspired display Pete! 5*/YES without any doubt. Good luck pilot zoomzoom


      • Yeah on this ocaision it was deliberate rather than a happy accident! hehe
        Cheers very much Sam!

        Makes awkward engine starting noise (splutters into life) before whoosing into oposing traffic and getting beeped at! lol


    • Hi Svenvonk, Yeah the main body of the watch is transparent plastic. The original version of this concept (never submitted but is on my fb page: PF Design) was more open and literal for most people. So to make it more watch like but keep the theme I just made the body of the watch more encomposing but see thru.
      Im glad it apeals however I got to this point! 😉 Cheers for the feedback and the vote! 😀


  2. *Introducing Drone, the latest in the turbine series of collectible watches, collect them all* I WANT!!!! Master Pete has delivered another epic piece 5/Y


    • Hehehe yeah they should be sold as a collectable range, collect them all and be the envy of the 15yr old kids! lolol Im glad it appeals KV, cheers for the epic comment! 😀


  3. Love the design! I always liked multiple face watches (as per my own detonator watch design). It’s sleek, sexy and is stylish. I think it would appeal to many different people, not only the sci-fi crowd. Y5 for me!


    • Great comment Paolo! Cheers very much! Yeah I know what you mean about teh multiple display designs, they have a nice complicated looking detail. Makes them look more technical than they are almost. Im really gald it appeals, cheers for the support! 😀


  4. This design is pretty stellar. I have one critique that I think would put it over the top for me. Instead of the fan blades in the animation having 6 blades (which makes it looks like it’s just flashing rather than /spinning/ ) make each fan have 3 blades so that it really brings across the notion that the fans are spinning. That way you could actually have each of the four fans ‘rotate’ at a slightly different speed.

    5/y for the design, with that one caveat. Your best fan themed design yet, imo.


    • Hey Cory, yeah good call about the animation. Thats the nice thing with this format of display is that it would lend iteslf nicely to multiple variations of animations. Here is yours sir! 😉 :

      Cheers for the feedback and the vote!

      P.S I think Turbofan was my favorite fan themed design but probably the lease feasible after the original Turbine.
      I promise this is the last one! lol


  5. The overall look is awesome. My fav is the red ( the last pic ). I would love if the two mode where in the watch ( 1 light on & all lights on ) so that the user could choose 1 and vary it sometime.

    1 minor concern is the animation speed : I don’t like the current speed & flashing.

    I would buy it.


    • I’ve just realized that I have a similar idea in my sketchbook. ( the overall look is different because the inspiration is different )


      • GMTA even if we get to the same point via different routes. Im glad you likey. I cant see why there couldnt be a few display modes with this design (ultimately programming) regarding the animation, they could easily be sped up or slowed down. Its tricky because my animation proggy doesnt allways show the same speed of the animation as it runs on here, which is a bit weird.
        Cheers for the support and the feedback 😀


  6. This one ends very soon so a big thanks to everyone who supported this design.
    Cheers to TF too for posting it here on the blog!
    Thanks everyone!

    Pete from the UK 😀


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