Neon watch takes us to an Alien future.

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

I always liked neon tube displays in sci-fi movies. Back then, when CGI wasn’t used for every little thing. I liked the fact, someone actually built alien symbols of neon tubes, that really work! I was sketching for minimalistic, square based numbers that make a cool neon tube display.

The most numbers are recognised intuitively – they look like the well known 7-segment digits without the centre segment. For the 8 another encryption had to be found, to distinguish it from the 0. The = symbol it is. If it helps, it’s like the 8 but just using the two voids (:) that have been stretched (=). I like this symbol here, because it goes well with the alien touch of the display. Whenever the 8 appears, the whole display appears to be even more cryptic, as it actually is.

As for the watch, I chose a simple and smooth geometry with a recess for the display to achieve a stylish sci-fi look. And because everything is held minimalistic, there can be quite some colour play. Watch and display can have the same colour, or clashing ones. The watch can look serious or playful. There are many options available and I think everyone could find a favourite.

29 thoughts on “Neon watch takes us to an Alien future.

  1. Absolutely fantastic! Love it! Combination of display and watch colors is great! Hopefully they’ll get made of high quality materials!


    • Hi Stefan! Thank you for your comment and the hope!

      I would suggest acetate – that’s like plastic but it’s heavier and way more durable. The RPM has been remade with this material.


  2. Another epic effort Sam πŸ™‚ Definitly a design most people would probably like and the digits are still easy to read despite being minimalistic. 5/Y


  3. Thank you Lloyd! You did pretty pretty too with Pete πŸ™‚

    Cool! How can one deny such a suggestion πŸ˜‰ Thank you Heather!

    That’s what I hoped, Kraut. Thank you for telling and the support!

    Wow thank you for this, Brent!


  4. If the build quality was high enough, this would be a great looking watch. It couldn’t be done in cheap looking materials. Nice design. Thanks.


  5. Wow! The top white image is stunning (but all colour variations look great). The digits look cryptic but simple to read. I bet this would be a very popular watch if it gets made. 5* Yes and fingers crossed!


    • Thank you Scott! I’m glad the numbers aren’t just easy for me, after I worked with them a for little while, but also for the untrained eye. *high fives self* I hope you’ll like the NEON IO too, stay tuned!

      Thanks Ben! Short and crisp πŸ˜€


  6. Wooooooooow!!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme….lunch please!!!

    Cookie monster: “I eat watch vewy hungwy… yum ….burp!”

    Hehe – seriously spacey! 5*


  7. Great design Sam.
    I imagine it would work well in e-paper. There is a monochrome variety (e.g.: black/red, black/blue, black/pink) which we are working hard to develop into watches. It can’t come soon enough as far as we are concerned as it will really open up possibilities.


    • Thank you for the compliment!

      Wow, you are really digging deeper into the world of e-paper! The spirit of e-paper can’t be denied and I wonder what you will come up with cause as you said, there are many possibilities. I think my IO alternative for NEON could come in the same case since e-paper allows different layouts. Oh… I’m just remembering the CANVAS.

      Great future ahead!


  8. Damn I wish I made this one !
    Totally my kind of watch. Cool futuristic minimal display, case fully integrated into the strap… Nothing to flush !
    I like the way the animation reminds when you switch on a neon light (yeah, I assume it was the idea).
    So here is my order : matte black with blue neon. Many thanks.


    • Hehehe πŸ˜€ That’s quite an honor, knowing that you made the great Adjust. Thank you Nico!

      Oh yeah, I love this flickering. I also played with the thought to let it flicker while the time is told, like I did for my HEXAGON WATCH but this time I thought, it might irritate.

      As for your order sir, matte black for the face material too?


  9. another very nice 6* design. I prefer the “b/w”, the “robotic” and the “translucent” ( but in red ). I would buy.


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