Ancient Mayan numerals in LCD watch.

Design submitted by Matt from Canada.

Matt says: By using the Mayan numeral system, for another project, I had the idea to integrate it into something I use daily.

By reading dashes. One dash equal 1 unit. The 12 dashes at the left are the hour/month and the 19 dashes in the middle are the minute/day. The two square at the right equal 20 minutes each. ( + the outers lines of the 19 minutes are on, forming a 0, at 20 & 40 ) The outer line is for the seconds. As each second pass, 1/60 of the line light up. The 4 controls buttons are all covered by a single soft plastic sheet. There is 4 marks on it to show where to press.

Peoples that like/prefer an “out of the box” way of time-telling. Unisex.

The line for the seconds. The button cover and their position. The application of the Mayan numeral system. Note : It would be an always on LCD screen. Variation : The lines could also be horizontal ( 90 degree counter-clockwise )

12 thoughts on “Ancient Mayan numerals in LCD watch.

  1. Nice effort Matosan! Unfortunately I think the display is a bit complicated to me. The design is just OK so there’s not so much to justify the overall watch since the display is not so convincing. BTW I still believe the design got potential, knew it that’s why TF posted it here, so don’t worry, keep it up and good luck!


  2. I have to agree with Fir, the display just looks a little cluttered. If you could group the blocks together maybe in threes or fours, this would improve the speed of time reading and maybe bring a more organised look to the display. Like Fir says its got potential, so good luck!


  3. The time telling works, it could be made more comfortable though. The different sized blocks are a bit diversified for the eye, which is ok, but still the display looks a bit too office-like, too serious. Making arrays of blocks look sexy is a tough job. I have to say, the display does not stand out so strong among other concepts. Pete, I think a more organised look might lead to less attraction. If that could be combined with breaking the grid or ignoring the rectangle border, it might be an improvement.

    The D, P, A letters look too un-mayan. Maybe there could be some ancient LCD symbols instead. Here again, a less office-like look, a more unconventional look would appeal more.

    If I interpret the drawings right, the case has a trapezoid cross section. Totaly adorable for me 🙂 I also like the red light that sends out the secons – that is really a nice part here. 4 buttons on top are nice too.

    Good luck from me too!


    • “The different sized blocks” are for symmetry purpose. The 11 & 12 hours lines could be positionned differently, verticaly, or of another height. The difference at the last minute line is because there is 4 instead of 5. And the square are the same size of the 3 letters. They could be put on top of the letter/symbol.


  4. ty TF for posting it. The display/button position possibility are 60. This one show a stainless steel wristband, which can be of another material.


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