Projected Time Pocket Watch Design

Design submitted by Nemoto san from Japan.

This pocket watch design shows time projected on the inside of the upper lid. Time can be displayed in either analog or digital format.

The accuracy of the projector also allows images and graphics to be shown. This image shows implementation of solid dots. The base portion can also contain photos like a pendant.


8 thoughts on “Projected Time Pocket Watch Design

  1. 20* wohoooo love the concept to so crazy much. OMG…. OMG…. the design can be improved but the concept is important most. Hope this be a reality. ~ the internal display showing sakura should be functioning oled to display more informations.


  2. I had a similar idea some weeks ago. But my idea was a watch wich projects the time on your hand, like your design; the only one difference is that the upper lid is your hand.

    Personally, I don’t like so much pocket watchs. But I like the concept. 😉


  3. Pocket watch 5*
    Projection idea 5*

    Really cool. You open the watch and then “where is the time?” hehehe. It’s so cool, you gave the cap another function besides “just” protecting the watch.

    Projection Pocket Time Piece would be a good name (PPTP, that’s also a nice alarm sound 😀 )

    5*/y without hesitation. Great concept!


  4. I haven’t suddenly wanted a watch so strongly since the Console (which I am wearing right now). I have a collection of pocket watches and this would be perfect to include.

    As was stated the casing design could be improved and also there are multiple methods to achieve the projection and even the options to offer the projected color different between versions (blue shows up well on silver, red on brass, green on copper) but also you could even consider offering the ability to change the projected colors on the same watch.

    Another thought is is control surface placement. The pocket watch is normally meant to sit in the palm and the body is viewed. Twelve O’Clock is oriented either at the top where the winding crown and chain loop are placed or 90 degrees off so that the chain lays across the side of the hand. To view this it would have to be sat in the hand with the hinge to the lid facing the fingers. Considering that in this case you would be primarily looking at the inside of the lid (like a targeting compass) and not the body (as in a normal pocket watch) you would have to be sure the chain mount would make it easier to drop the watch into the palm and open appropriately for viewing and also you have to consider how to open it from that position. If interior control buttons shown are to make it to the final production version it would allow the thumb on the hand the pocket watch is resting in to display the time/date/etc.

    I love this design despite it being something of a diamond in the rough and would really enjoy seeing it evolve. There is also the thought of how many bells and whistles you could squeeze into the design. An immediate thought is projecting the rotating Earth onto the display to show time zone or daylight vs night on a world time function.

    Please keep after this design and work up some variations; it has a great deal of potential for appearance, ability and funtion. If could even make a good MP3 player with room for a flash memory card.


  5. The concept is good. The application is bad. the design….mmmmm….
    Sorry but this watch does not make sense.


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