Tokyo-Miami Complex LCD Watch Design

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

How to make LCD digits interesting is what has inspired several of Logan’s designs including this new one.

This complex watch design displays the time as four always-on colored LCD digits with LED backlight. The digits are carefully constructed and overlapped in a way that looks difficult to read at first, but is actually very easy. The overlapped areas appear to have a higher density, allowing the digits to be read unambiguously. The case has an IP white coating.

Logan says, “If you have one foot in 1980s Miami and one foot in 2100s Tokyo, you will wear this watch on your wrist”.


10 thoughts on “Tokyo-Miami Complex LCD Watch Design

  1. Great! Here is my money *gives and waits* 😀 Man we seem to share some brain parts – I had a similar idea for another display style. Love what you did – very stylish.

    5*/y for this artistic display and the white watch.


  2. Thanks for your enthusiasm, Jen, Sam, and Firdaus! Glad you like this style.

    Sam: yes, we seem to have some similar tastes. Hope we’ll see at least one of our designs in production.


  3. hey, really nice idea, I would be happy if it will be released.
    the only thing i don’t like that much is the colour of the clock, an unremarkable black or something like that would be much nicer; nevertheless, the idea is awesome^^


  4. I just don’t like the concept. The color of the numbers should be changed to a different scheme. The numbers themselves also make my eyes hurt a tad. The strap seems cheesy.


    • Thank you for your feedback. I think I can speak for everyone who submits in saying that we like to hear feedback even when (or especially when) it’s not all positive. When people give a low rating but do not leave feedback, that does not help at all. So, thanks, Ferox.


      • Correct! Any kind of critique is welcome. I also think I can speak for everyone who submits, that we know that we cannot appeal to all people, and it’s helpful to know why.


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