Magnified Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Nemoto san from Japan.

This watch design is a one hand analog watch that displays time in 24-hour format.

The airplane symbol on the watch denotes the time in 24-hour format instead of the usual 12-hour format for analog watches.  The detailed time lines are small but can be clearly viewed using the rotating magnifying lens portion of the glass face.

The outer ring of the watch face can also be rotated for global time by adjusting the ring to match icons of cities.


4 thoughts on “Magnified Analog Watch Design

  1. Hello Nemoto, this project deserves 5 ​​* because it comes from an incredible imagination and the work is very well done.


  2. I think the base ideas are really cool. The travel topic with the plane and the time zone ring with the famous city symbols is nice. The partial magnification of a 24h display is a good idea… I also tried magnifying, but I also couldn’t reach an acceptable state (after experimenting alot, I decided for epaper on my 1440 watch) Here we have a magnification of 1.5 and no new information coming from it – still only five minute steps. Color scheme and material aren’t so much my taste, but the ideas can be processed in different styles. 4*/y for the ideas and the potential 🙂


  3. I might like the concept, yes, the concept and the concept. I don’t Want to comment about the design. I vote for the concept. Yes, for the concept only.


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