Vortex Watch Design

Design submitted by Jordan from Canada.

The two vortices on this watch are 7-armed so reading it is tricky at first, but it’s quite a nice looking watch design.  The face of this watch is reminiscent to that of Cory’s concept – “Particle“.

The strap of this watch gold-on-black, goes nicely with the gold-on-black face.  The face itself can be set to lights-out or always-on where all the lights are lit until the press of a button, when it animates and shows the time.

The outer vortex shows the hour (1-7) with a single light, then combinations (i.e. 7+2 for 8 o’clock).  The inner vortex shows the minutes.  Light values from top to bottom (clockwise) are: 1 minutes, 2 minutes, 3, 4, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 40 minutes.  Combinations will be shown (20+10+4+1 for 35 minutes) so you will have to count up the lights.

The face of this watch is quite large making it appear more like a mens watch.  The strap is also large where it attaches to the face, but tapering towards the clasp.  It could be worn by anyone, but is more suited towards men and/or sci-fi fans.


10 thoughts on “Vortex Watch Design

  1. It took me a bit to realize how exactly to read the time even with your description I was reading it the wrong way, but once I figured it out it is an awesome concept for sure.


  2. Mhhh hypnotizing @.@

    I think a binary reading system would’ve been wiser. Its already known, easy to learn and is used all around the planet (for stuff hehehe). You need 6 lights for the minutes and 4 or 5 for the hours (12h, 24h) the extra lights could be am/pm indicator. But anyway, this watch would need some practice to be read 🙂

    I like the swirly face. It draws attention. The cool color sheme is cool too. I’m not so much fan of beginnings of the straps, but thats TFs problem later 😉

    I think there should’ve been some more design effort for the minutes’ lights. A more organic development would’ve been nicer instead of just scaling the hours’ lights down. But thats pretty detailed nagging from me. I can see this watch in the shop and yeah 4*y would make me buy it, if the price is right. Good work!


    • @binary replacement… I thought of using binary, but Tokyoflash is all about new and different ideas, right?

      @minute lights… Eh, I’m lazy… And also, it was the minute lights I scaled up, not the hour lights I scaled down B)

      Thanks Sam!


  3. Interesting. More vortex concept is coming. Well done. I can see your improvement Jordan. I think the concept is better be an analog. Doesn’t look so vortex too, more like flower for this color, and overall flower fan blade look. Goodluck and keep improving.


    • Thank ya. I think I can say that I’ve learned a lot about 3ds max since making this concept watch… My most recent submission should have fairly high quality renders, so I’m hoping that gets accepted!

      I suppose it does look quite flowery, but I was hoping more for vortex 🙂

      Thanks for your insight Firdaus!


  4. Reminds me of a stylistic sunflower, very cool. I like this design, and thanks for the props on my Particle design! Looking better every post, Jord!


  5. Look great. Time reading no… but I do prefer watches as the Kisai RPM SS, the Portal (blog) where the watch is a bit more “normal”.


    • I’m all for classic timepieces, but a new way to read the time would be cool. (at least I think so)

      Everyone’s opinion differs, and IMHO, those are two great watches you mentioned.

      Thanks for taking the time to post! I really appreciate everyone’s feedback.


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