A Cool Watch Design with Blocks of Time

Design submitted by Nemoto san from Japan.

Nemoto san says: “This watch design is a collection of simple shapes, a group of geometric blocks. To understand how to read the time, take a look at the image below. It’s not too dissimilar to an analog clock. It should be pretty straight forward once you get used to it.

I think young men and women would like this design because it is a simple and basic design. There are some examples of color variations below; matte black x clear (red LED) x white and silver chrome (red LED).”

These diagrams are quite basic but you can understand the overall feel of this watch design. Acrylic cubes would make up the display and are built up giving a 3D effect. This is an LED watch so the LEDs shine through the clear acrylic cubes to display the time. The cubic theme is also dominant in the strap design which has a cubic pattern.


9 thoughts on “A Cool Watch Design with Blocks of Time

  1. Holy heaven, this is so close to one of my ideas in my sketch book… that’s scary 😀 That’s a nice mix of an analog display inspired and cryptic watch. Time reading is a bit tricky, but learnable. I totally love the geometry. It’s just cubes! Cubes♥ I like the two material variants you show. Definitely an eye catcher.


  2. хуйня. Not a practical watch for using. It could be damaged too quick. And the real watch development is too difficult


  3. Thank you for your comments.

    It has a point also in what Andy says.

    However, the essence of the design doesn’t change about 3D shapes.
    It is flat if it achieves, may be.


  4. Hm…. pyramid…., glass brick…., okey, looks different, eye catcher, but not gorgeous. It looks fragile and weird imho. Uniqueness + artistic factor ~ so 5*.


  5. Nice work Nemoto san. I really like this design. As a piece of art, i’s beautiful. I think I could see this design on my wrist, I like the lego-style simplicity of it. The way the time is shown is a bit too difficult for me. I like designs that you can read at a glance.

    I agree with a few others, it looks fragile, but I think the idea is good.


  6. Really good design. Different [colored] light designs should be offered and having a quick animation when one tries to check the time would be cool. A definite would-buy.


  7. thanks Firdaus,Avatara,and Ferox.

    I was going to make a LEGO watch that just Avatara says.
    But LEGO is a bit big to make a easy reading display LED watch.

    Brick-style watch is one of things that I would like to want.


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