A Sun Dial For The Digital Age

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: “I thought about time as it’s been viewed for centuries: Sun Dials, how could one bring that concept into the digital age?

To read the time, touch the button and the rays will light up clock-wise, hours on the inner ring, minutes in groups of five on the outer ring. Single minutes are designated on the octagon in the middle,in the center AM is shown as the upward facing semicircle, while PM is the downward facing semicircle.

I feel like anyone with an interest in astronomy, or sundials would find this concept interesting. People who appreciate time as a function of the sun. Its shape is very reminiscent of the sun, the hours and minute groups form the rays, while the single minutes and AM/PM indicators form the orb itself.”

Offer Cory your feedback and vote if you’d like to see this concept become reality.


5 thoughts on “A Sun Dial For The Digital Age

  1. I don’t like the small scattered pieces that I have to count. I would rather there be solid, filled-in markers instead of just this connect-the-dots design. For example, fill in a larger triangle for each hour. Make the sun have more distinct “rays” and not those little commas or dots.


  2. Thanks for the input. I am definitely considering revamping this design and resubmitting the new iteration. I think it has a lot of potential and I want that realized. To the drawing board! :p


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