Cool Sliding Concept Wrist Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Watches at Tokyoflash usually have an unusual way to display the time. This concept also has a unique case design with a sliding effect.With a smoked black lens on an IP black coated case, the display shows the time simply using colored dots. Twelve green dots indicate hours, Five yellow dots indicate minutes 10-50 and nine red dots indicate minutes 1-9. Simple and cool.

The design is shown in a couple of color variations; polished silver with blue would really stand out with its mirrored face, black and orange would be cool and subtly different.

Let Laszlo know what you think about his latest concept watch design below.

Sliding_Watch_Design_Color_VariationsSliding_Watch_Design_Time_DisplaySliding Watch Design_Pack_Shot

12 thoughts on “Cool Sliding Concept Wrist Watch Design

  1. Nice idea. I hope the case isn’t inclined when wearing the watch, because I fear the deranged strap might cause that. The materials are very cool. The case is a little too big and empty for me, but the LEDs look nice. A cool 12-5-9 watch. Easy to read, yay!


  2. clever idea.. would be nice to see this to scale with a typical wrist. i only worry that it might be too big or bulky.

    always enjoy the packaging concepts, laszlo!


  3. 4cm are way to big since it is a rectangular shape, not a round. On the other hand the mini cases are 2cm, which is a good strap width. I like it simple and this watch is. I also think there is too much empty space on the case. 4 stars for you.


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