“U” for Unique Watch Design

Design submitted by Jonas from Brazil.

The idea for this watch design is to use a unique shape to build a mosaic that shows the time through multiples of five.

Carbon fiber is used to raise the quality of the watch and bring innovative use of the material.  At a glance, it seems like time is impossible to decipher but it is just a matter of counting the “U” shaped blocks on the watch.  The watch face is divided into five blocks (5 hours group, two 1 hour group, 10 minutes group, and 5 minutes group).  A date function is also included with this watch.

6 thoughts on ““U” for Unique Watch Design

  1. Looks cool that watch. I like the blank polished materials. The display looks interesting. I also like the white leds. Very unique!


  2. Oh nice entwined shapes. Nice advertisement with the U and the name and the shapes. I would remove the cloth imitation pattern and use chrome or the straps’ material instead. Good work 🙂


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