A Watch Design With A Circular View Of Time

Submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Another beautiful concept from Laszlo here. He explains it as a “circular view of time”. There are two variations; a silver version for day time which uses LCD to show the time and a black version for night time that uses LEDs to display the time. As you can see, this design is clear and intuitive to read; 12 hours, 5 groups of 10 minutes and 9 single minutes in three separate segments make up the time. The pattern on the display changes constantly as time progresses.

The ripple effect on the case and strap feels like an extension of the display and we like the simple colour scheme and industrial look of this watch concept. Laszlo explains the animation this concept would have as follows: “the signals move from the center to the edge of the display, reflect and then stop at the current time.”ย We wonder what it would look like with a seconds segment that progressed constantly. How do you feel about this concept. We’re looking forward to your feedback.

7 thoughts on “A Watch Design With A Circular View Of Time

  1. Cool idea. The display looks stylish. 12-5-9 rules ๐Ÿ™‚ A round case… I was about to propose that, but maybe the watch would look too “quiet”. The ripples and the strap don’t hit my pleasure center ๐Ÿ˜› But they are consequent.

    Another imaginable watch. Good presentation again with a promising rendering and clear display explanations.


  2. ใใ‚Œใžใ‚Œใฎๆ™‚้–“ใง่กจๆƒ…ใŒๅค‰ๅŒ–ใ—ใฆใ„ใใจใ“ใŒใŠใ‚‚ใ—ใ‚ใใ†๏ผๆ™‚้–“ใฎ่ชญใฟๆ–นใ‚‚็ฐกๅ˜ใใ†ใ ใ—ใ€ใƒใƒณใƒ‰ใฎใ‹ใ‚“ใ˜ใ‚‚ๅฅฝใใงใ™ใ€‚


  3. Woohoo, this design gave me goose bumps, I love the black one! Reminds me of the motion detector from Aliens, this one’s a must have!


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