Magnetic Liquid Design Tells The Time

Design submitted by Karim Zaouai.

I don’t think we have ever seen anything like this before – a very imaginative use of science. Here’s what Karim says about his design:

“The watch runs with ferrofluid, a very sensitive magnetic liquid. The hidden needles reflects the shape of the gears. They are a tribute to mechanical watches. The time, fickle and liquid freezes in space when tilting the wrist thanks to magnetism internal housing.” You can see the design in action here:

Karim Zaouaiさんの作品。



So to explain a little more, The Ferrowatch contains a magnetically sensitive liquid (Ferrofluid) sandwiched beneath the glass face. Using a magnetic charge it attracts the fluid to different positions inside the watch to indicate hours & minutes. The time telling is instantly recognisable of course, but the method used is out of this world. No doubt this watch design poses various technical problems to be overcome, but what an innovative product design!

Here at Tokyoflash we are going crazy over this one, our staff are trying to place pre-orders already – ha ha! Give us your thoughts and comments on this one, would you wear it? Would you buy it? Is it perfect as it is or would you also want some illumination inside?


11 thoughts on “Magnetic Liquid Design Tells The Time

  1. Karim, I want this thing on my hand ! It is so new and so freaky !

    I think it will be diffficult to read it in direct sun. Maybe this liquid metal can be done in a different colour ? Even we repsrect the black colour, maybe a grey colour for indicators ? I saw the video, in is AMAZING. The indicators looks like gear, and it gives a very dinamyc look. The effect is like silent gear.

    I REALLY WANT IT !!!!!


  2. The lights would be a good idea

    It looks like a nice design but the face and strap aren’t to fancy so i wouldn’t buy it,but if it were fancier I would get it


  3. Indeed something totally new to watch design, and therefore an eyecatcher.

    How do you red the time? I only see one indicator. Maybe like this: the indicator moves to the 12h position, rests there for a second and the moves to the 30min position and also rests there for a second. That would be… 12:30 🙂

    Or you add another indicator, one for the hours, one for the minutes.

    However, the contrast is a little low. Reading it in too dark areas isn’t possible. There should be a minimum of convenience in the time reading part – even more because it is such an exciting display of time.

    Strap: no leather please for this design. Something black, shiny – just like the liquid!

    Case: Well it’s nice in it’s simplicity. So you can concentrate on the time display 😛


  4. Agree with GabrielBB, this is a fascinating idea and I can see how it would work. Would definitely be interesting to infuse some colors into the fluid to make the display more interesting.


  5. that is something really cool! perhaps the case could be a bit more attractive and masculine. It s a bit too simple and conceptual for me to wear. Could the case be in metal for example or does it has to be all plastic?


  6. Gotta have this one, the technology behind it is awesome. The video is freaking me out. I want this so bad.
    OK, yes, so I do really want a watch with this technology, it doesnt get any more special – however not wanting to put a downer on it, the actual watch case & strap are a bit boring. This watch design deserves to have a more thought into that part.


  7. hmmm another challange… but what i think would be perfect is, if the liquid could be touched.
    i mean, put it behind some strong fabric, and the liquid really stands out of the watch.
    so, i could TOUCH the time…
    and,… @Samukun, i really like to read the time in one step… so no wait for some seconds to see the rest…
    and yes… that wristband does not fit the watch itself… i would even go for metal here…
    but definitly a buy.


  8. Don’t like it all, to simple and dull, it’s looks like a bad design from WW2, and war is never about pretty designs,


  9. I love this one.It is mysteriously cool.But I would like a designer rubber strap or a simple matte black metal bracelet or brushed steel.


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