Diagonal brings Binary watches back into fashion.

Design submitted by David Brophy from the UK.

The interface of this watch design displays hours in yellow read diagonally from top right to bottom left: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16. A combination of numbers indicating the current hour. Minutes are displayed in red from bottom right to top left 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. A combination of numbers indicating the current minute. Grooves on the strap match the lines running across the face.

Of course the concept behind this is Binary time telling, but in a wonderfully fashionable way. Chic geek I think they call it, but anyway, theres no denying its an attractive display with a mathematically minimal way to tell the time.

イギリスのDavid Brophyさんの作品。


5 thoughts on “Diagonal brings Binary watches back into fashion.

  1. excellent job, David. the concept is simple and clear, and intriguing in the same time. I love the strap with lines, it goes perfect with the case.

    Those tiny lines on the surface of the case gives a very ellegant vision to this item.


  2. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16? for hours? So Hundred hours? Prefer to have the regular 12 hour system. Don’t want to add 16+4=? Oh ya 20, 20: now add 32+8=?……………oh ya 40…..what was the hour again???? Push one more time as I forgot. 😉 Otherwise looks great.


  3. Yeah the time is hard to read. But if you like a watch, you learn it and later you can read it within a second.

    My taste: only 5% of the displaying rectangle are used for the indicators. If the unused area would be solar cells, it would have a justification. But just emptiness looks a little cheap. Maybe bigger LEDs would be nice. But that’s my taste 🙂


  4. 24-hour binary time – great stuff! I like the way how you kept the reading direction true to binary.
    I much prefer LED watches using 24-hour system rather than 12-hour, its modern & conveys more information.


  5. I like that but don t the light would be better if it match the size of the squarre of the strap? or maybe it is just my taste.


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