Two Tone watch design on the block

Design submitted by David Brophy.

A simple two tone 6×6 box design. To tell the time you start with the middle ring of 12 lights representing hours. The outer ring (20 lights) represents minutes x3 and the long lights in the center are 1 minute each.

David Brophyさんの作品。


7 thoughts on “Two Tone watch design on the block

  1. I think this design looks very nice, but wonder if you can get the display that close to the edge? If so, very cool!

    Tokyo Pimp


  2. this design is very interesting. Usually, the led for minutes is each led for five minutes. Now is for tree minutes.

    The colours looks great, but the strap could be improved. We can ad the cubic shape to each link on the strap, so the concept. The lines can flow to the strap, and the strap could be wider, as the case.

    great job !


    • Hi, thanks for your comments.

      I agree about the strap, I only sent in the watch face design and the kind people at Tokyo Flash added the strap.

      Incidentally, the time displayed is 9:42 and not 3:42 as shown.

      David Brophy


  3. It’s great to see such creative new designs up! This one reminds me of a Rubik’s cube. Very nice. This might work well with LCD and a backlight like the Negative watch.


  4. I agree with ‘Said’, that the strap is too plain, although perhaps the major effort has been looking at the time display. I like the use of colours, but I am not sure about these squares all together on the face. Also the single minutes in the centre are too prominent in my opinion. Still it’s a great effort.


  5. Oh please make that! I like rounded rectangles so much! The display covers almost the whole case, this is how it should be! The indicators are simple and stylish – just squares! I would buy it right away!


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