Time Tracking

A sleek stainless steel concept that will wrap around your wrist like a futuristic bracelet. Grooves in the face continue into the strap and the time is presented with LEDs that illuminate in lines between the grooves; hours 1-12, 5 minutes groups and single minutes.



8 thoughts on “Time Tracking

  1. Very cool indeed! Love the display and the overall feel of the design, the grooves and the dark lenses. I like the rounded bracelet shape which is shown nicely in the second rendering.


  2. I really like the continual curve of the bracelet style- this is a good design concept for
    those of us who get watches snagged on coats, jackets etc particularly when removing
    or putting them on- the smooth design eliminates any hard edges and allows the watch
    to sit as low profile as possible on the wrist- I thought that my Kisai Keisan was low profile
    but this really is- watch meets jewelry……jewelry meets watch…stunning


  3. Really great design. It’s simple, eye-catching and classical at the same time. It would be a modern watch to wear at any occasions.

    Will the watch have buttons to illuminate the LED’s?


  4. When I read “with LEDs that illuminate in lines between the grooves” I misread it as “with the LEDs that illuminate in the grooves.”

    I think that would look much cooler. You could make the little grooves go in instead of out and have the same exact design otherwise. That way, the watch face is more a continuation of the strap. The LEDs, once activated, would seem to pop out of the strap. It would be cool.

    I also feel like the numbers are unnecessary, especially for the hours. The 6/6 division makes it quite easy to figure out the time. While the minutes would not divide evenly, it would still be simple to figure out.

    Also, I can’t tell if the last two columns reach from end to end. In the first pic, it looks like they do, but the end LEDs are useless. Instead, just use longer LEDs.

    Other than that, I love it.


  5. Among all the design, i personally like this the most.
    Hope it will be available in the shopping list very soon =)


  6. Really like this design, looks like I’m going to have to buy yet another watch if this gets in to production. I do think the numbers are unnecessary as mentioned above – I haven’t looked at the numbers on my 12-5-9 since about 3 days of receiving it. Also, unless they were illuminated too they would be pretty useless at night so just give away what it is at the first glance – I like that “Hey! cool…whatever that is..” moment you get with tokyoflash watches.


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