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(English) Nemesis watch is a salute to motor sports

June 18th, 2014
Nemesis 02

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I am as many blog regulars will know a little obsessed by all things automotive. So just for a change I have done a design inspired by automotive products, in this case motorcycle fairings and headlights.

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(English) Futuristic binary LED watch with dual displays

June 17th, 2014

(English) Design submitted by Wilhelm from South Africa.

Wilhelm says: After some talk about binary watches here on the TF blog I came up with something different with a more sci-fi military style, the Target LED Watch.

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(English) Centrifuge watch accelerates LED’s into time vectors

June 16th, 2014

(English) Design submitted by Justin from the UK.

Justin says: I was doing the usual search on the internet for inspiration, logos, weird shapes or scientific influences and I saw the Cern logo (The LHC or Large Hadron Collider) and I was intrigued by the swirl effect and how lines ran off of it. That simple shape gave the impression of movement and velocity…thus, Centrifuge was born.

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(English) Asymmetric LED watch is a cryptic fusion of analogue & digital (update)

June 13th, 2014
Asymmetric 05

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I wanted to come up with a simple LED watch that could display digits using as few LEDs as possible. I wanted the design to have a detailed industrial look, which would suit various finishes, materials and colours. I then decided with a couple of tweaks that a second time telling method was also possible.

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(English) Change your view with the twistable ASPECT watch

June 12th, 2014

(English) Design submitted by Lewis from the UK.

Lewis says: The idea was to create something interactive. A device that offered more than just digital features. Having a physical twisting action affect the digital display in the forms of animation or function goes beyond pressing a button.

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(English) Web watch spins up some LED time telling

June 11th, 2014

(English) Design submitted by Gabriel from Romania.

Gabriel says: I do not have a particular inspiration for this concept but as the clock display resembles a spider web, I thought to name it “web”. The watch has 60 segments that light up and in center a digital numeric display.

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(English) Cubex watch inspired by modern custom interiors (update)

June 10th, 2014

(English) Design submitted by Gordon from the USA.

Gordon says: I wanted to make a watch inspired by modern custom interiors. I was hoping to come up with a unique method of time telling but more importantly i was hoping it would compliment the overall design.

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(English) Fingerprint e-paper watch exposes digital time.

June 9th, 2014

(English) Design submitted by Sam from Germany & Peter from the UK.

Sam & Peter say: When Pete’s Bio-Metric fingerprint watch concept showed up in the blog, I was like nooooooooo because I had some display tests ready by then – great minds think alike! No other fingerprint concept has been made since then (2011!) so I took my drafts and showed them to Pete. I thought, if there is a new fingerprint watch concept, he should be involved. Pete said yes in perfect english so he and I came up with some ideas for a watch.

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(English) Exoskeleton watch doubles as wrist armour.

June 6th, 2014
Exo 01

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Exoskeleton” a variation on a theme of an earlier design called “Vertebrae“.

Like Vertebrae this design is inspired by armour and exoskeletons and features armour like plates that make up the body of the watch. The gaps between these plates supplies the time telling display.

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(English) Eclipse e-paper watch silhouettes the time

June 5th, 2014

(English) Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: I tried to draw a different watch that is like no other, at least I hope? The dial of the watch “Eclipse-Watch” is the sun and the moon is black pellet.

The “Eclipse-Watch” is a watch e-paper.

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(English) Depth watch creates 3D tunnel effect with EL paper

June 4th, 2014

(English) Design submitted by Justin from the UK.

Justin says: I was toying with different shapes and decided that a square would be easier to work with this time. For those who know my work (few though they may be) you may have seen my “Mad Scientist Sketch-Pad”…this is a Frankensteins monster of that pad…

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(English) “Inverse” Drivers style analogue watch with mirror system.

June 3rd, 2014
Inverse 05

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: Back in the day I did a design called “UFO” which featured a wrap around display that went around the perimeter of the watch and would have been useful as a driver’s watch.

Feasibility was one of the stumbling blocks for that design. Since that design, I have a had a few thoughts on how to make a drivers watch with a similar look but much easier to make.

I then had a eureka moment and realised that it could be done relatively easily using an off the shelf analogue movement.

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(English) Minimalist ‘EInked’ ring-watch and companion wristwatch

June 2nd, 2014

(English) Design submitted by Clement from Singapore.

Clement says: I have been looking at watches with eink screens but i have not seen any pretty ones yet. Eink screens consume little power and should last long if used in a normal watch.(Current smartwatches have too many functions that consume power). Hence i’ll try my hand at designing a watch that suits my fancy. I also realized that ring-watches are quite cool but not many people wear them.

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(English) Vault: The safe-crackers guide to time

May 30th, 2014

(English) Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: The following concept is inspired by the combination lock on a security safe or bank vault. This wristwatch use two / three Analogue Disc/s plus one / two rings of for Binary indicators to display the current time. Constructed in three materials: Black IP, Stainless Steel or Gun-Metal each disc is LED Back lit for easy night time reading.

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(English) Type-X watch makes its mark on your wrist

May 28th, 2014
Type X 01

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Kisai Type-X” a back to basics 12-5-9 design.

I didn’t have a particular inspiration in mind when I decided on an “X” shaped LCD display, but in retro-spec I wonder if  I was subconsiously influnced by the “microsoft x-box” logo or the drones in the “Oblivion” film.

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