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What’ch V.3 – Aluminum 3-way LED Watch Design

August 28th, 2012

Design submitted by Brice from France.

Brice says: I am pleased to introduced my first project called “What’ch V.3″.  The idea was to create a watch that can be carried in several ways: bracelet, around the neck and as a pocket watch. Read the rest of this entry »

Monolith – Numbers in Blocks

August 27th, 2012

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

The Monolith concept started with sketching for minimalistic numbers. I made these slim blocks with different lengths that form numbers in a new way. They look a bit like a barcode or some skyscraper lights. There are no horizontal elements but these numbers work just fine. Read the rest of this entry »

PXL Digital Numbered Watch Design

August 22nd, 2012

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: I wanted to design a very easy to read watch. The PXL concept shows the figures in two different modes. Both are instantly recognizable (hours on top, minutes in the middle and seconds at the bottom). Read the rest of this entry »

Chaos of Numbers Watch Design

August 21st, 2012

Design submitted by Alex from the UK.

Alex says: The inspiration for this design actually came from that old snake game we have all played on those old mobile phones. I also thought what is more original for displaying numbers than by using other numbers. Read the rest of this entry »

Web LCD Display Watch Design

August 17th, 2012

Design by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: Many of the digital concepts presented on the blog show hours and minutes, but not seconds. Including the seconds adds to the appeal because not only is it a more accurate representation of the time, but it also attracts more attention with an ever changing display. Read the rest of this entry »

Kisai Upload – Concept to Reality

August 14th, 2012

Kisai Upload is the latest concept watch design to become reality from the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog. The original concept was featured on the blog in July 2011 and is now available to buy. Read the rest of this entry »

Square Root E-ink Watch Concept

August 10th, 2012

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: Geometric patterns, particularly squares and triangles are everywhere, one just has to look. Why not use the interplay between these two shapes as a time telling method.

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Identity Crisis watch for those with Split Personality!

July 24th, 2012

Design submitted by Dietrich from Australia.

Dietrich says: I couldn’t decide if I wanted to design an analog or digital watch. Then it came to me…

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HUD LCD watch: for your cyborg-future time telling needs.

July 23rd, 2012
HUD 001

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “HUD” which stands for “Heads up Display”.

Watches utilising a transparent display are a popular concept and always have a futuristic look. The trouble with most of these concepts is that they dont fully utilise the transparency of the display, unless you like to admire your wrist through the display.

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Aeon Transparent LCD watch resembles Alien Tattoo on your wrist.

July 21st, 2012

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: In the design process for my FOCUS watch I sketched for a concept called ALIEN TATTOO that uses the same way of stacking numbers. Despite the issues, that a transparent screen might bring, I liked the idea of overlapping the wrist with a cool ornamental display. This is how AEON came to being.

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Watch Design with Intersecting Digits

July 18th, 2012

Design submitted by Andy from The Ukraine.

Andy writes: “I decided to create intersection figures, to create an ornamental effect based on digits and colors. After understanding the system, it’s very easy to read the time. Read the rest of this entry »

Kisai Online – Concept to Reality

July 12th, 2012

Kisai Online is the seventh fan-submitted concept to become reality from the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog. The conceptual idea for Kisai Online was submitted in October 2011 by a reader of the blog and fan of Tokyoflash, Samuel Jerichow from Germany. Read the rest of this entry »

Neon io LED watch wraps digits around themselves.

July 10th, 2012

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: NEON IO is a display concept, that came to being while working on the NEON concept. Instead of the classical 2×2 array, I’m using an inside-out display. Since the numbers are hollow, there is enough space in them to contain another number.

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Veer – Classic to Cryptic Time

June 28th, 2012

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

The basic idea for this watch is “changing the classic numbers with a simple operation to let it look cryptic but easy to decypher”. The simple operation this time is slicing the numbers diagonally and moving the resulting parts along the slice. As reaction, different parts of the numbers create new alignments letting the new numbers look like alien symbols. Read the rest of this entry »

Phi-Inspired LCD Watch

June 21st, 2012

Design submitted by Heather (USA) & Sam (Germany).

At least since the 20th century, many artists and architects have proportioned their works to approximate the golden ratio (phi φ) — especially in the form of the golden rectangle — believing this proportion to be aesthetically pleasing. While the Golden Ratio is often used in arts and design, the Fibonacci Spiral is a pattern that can be found in nature. Read the rest of this entry »