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Orbit watch takes your mind for a spin

August 24th, 2010

A metal bracelet style concept that displays the time in a cryptic language. Can you translate? Hours are shown with small lit up shapes at the top and bottom of the interface moving in the same direction as hours on a clock. You can see the outline of the shapes as a reference points. Minutes are displayed digitally in the center. The digital tube LEDs are hidden within the layout of shapes which are just visible beneath the long, curved smoked lens. Read the rest of this entry »

Lock-Up watch design keeps time safe from prying eyes

August 20th, 2010

Black and silver combine to give this design a minimalist metallic look. When the button is pushed to initiate the time display, red LEDs appear through three windows in the face showing hours, groups of five minutes and single minutes 1-4.

Very simple to tell the time & yet a mystery to those who don’t know how. Its a minimal watch design, somewhat reminiscent of a safe tumbler, hence the Lock-up name tag. Its a watch design that caters to people who appreciate the simpler days of 70′s LED, but with some modern styling. Can an LED watch ever be understated?

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High Definition : Concept watch design

August 18th, 2010

The focal point of this concept is the center of the glass lens which is chamfered at a 45 degree angle around the central block of metal. The overall shape of the watch is simple, featuring sharp lines and delicate grooves. The user-selectable multi-colored LCD interface is crisp, clean and simple; hours are shown in square blocks and five minute groups are shown as lines outside the square blocks, in the same position as hours and minutes as a clock face. Single minutes 1-4 and seconds are shown in the central zone. The time can be read instantly because of the always on LCD screen.

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Sport Mode, uber-techno watch design

August 13th, 2010

An asymmetrical watch design which as well as displaying the time, has health performance indicators presented in a graphical way. A heart rate monitor and body temperature indicator are shown with lines, progressing from bottom to top. The time is shown in the rectangular zone on the right; hours in the same manner as a clock in the outer ring, groups of 5 minutes progressing within the ring and single minutes progressing diagonally. The LCD display is back lit with user selectable colored LEDs and the large button on the front provides easy access while exercising. Read the rest of this entry »

Night Vision

August 9th, 2010

The matte black finish on the case and strap of this design create a clean contrast with the shiny smoked glass lens. Beneath the lens, the bright green interface shows hours in the outer ring, the space in the lights showing the current hour, and digital minutes in the center. A simple concept with an interesting form. Read the rest of this entry »

Space Digit watch design

July 23rd, 2010

The silver ring around the face of this concept contrasts against the black case and strap to enhance the fact that the lens is raised above the case. A deep acrylic lens covers the interface, and beneath there is what appears to be a maze of digits. Blue LEDs ignite the display when the button is touched and three flashing digits present the current time. Read the rest of this entry »


July 16th, 2010

A concept that combines three colors to great effect; green LEDs, a black case and silver strap. The strap appears to be wrapping itself around the case in a manner that leaves an opening in each corner. The operation buttons are located on the right side in the spaces between the casing. The time is simply shown with hours 1-6 on the top row, hours 7-12 on the bottom row and digital minutes in the centre. When the watch is not on, it looks cryptic with its grid of raised blocks. Read the rest of this entry »


July 9th, 2010

A concept with an always on LCD display and user selectable LED backlighting. The hour is shown in digits in negative space in the center of the display, minutes are shown by the ring of blocks surrounding the digits. The first rotation of minutes in positive blocks to 30 minutes, then the second rotation in negative blocks to 60. There are markings to help indicate the current position. The simple, tough looking case has large buttons above and below the face to initiate the LED backlighting. Read the rest of this entry »


July 5th, 2010

A concept with an always on LCD display and user selectable LED backlighting meaning that the time can always be read at a glance and you can choose the color of the display. The square case and tapered strap are designed in a simple manner, the glass reaching right out to the edge of the case. Single minutes are shown in digits in the central circle, hours are shown by the single LCD block moving around the central circle and five minute groups are shown by the outer LCD block moving around the circle. Seconds are also shown on the very outer circle. Read the rest of this entry »


July 1st, 2010

A convex case finished with a polished coating gives this concept a minimalist look. The interface has robotic character, with three circles indicating hours, groups of 5 minutes and single minutes with red LEDs. Read the rest of this entry »


June 24th, 2010

Raised lines and blocks make up the time display on this concept design. When the button is touched, blue digital tubes light up to show the hours in the same position as numbers on a clock face. White digital tubes light up to show 5 minute groups in approximately the same position as minutes on a clock face, four single minutes are located in the lower part of the interface. Read the rest of this entry »


June 17th, 2010

The interface of this design is located beneath a single block of clear acrylic giving the impression of depth. The block is then connected to a strong tapered wrist band. The large control buttons on the side are visible through the acrylic block. Three red zones display the time; hours in the top right, five minute groups in the bottom left and four single minutes in the bottom right. Read the rest of this entry »

Speed Track

June 4th, 2010

A wrap around wrist watch design with an oval interface that displays the time in rings like a race track. Hours are on the outer track in the same position as hours on a clock face. 5 minute intervals are shown in the inner ring so reading the approximate time is much like reading a standard clock. Four single minutes are presented in the center and this design has a seconds indicator too. Read the rest of this entry »


May 19th, 2010

An asymmetrical concept design with a curved, brushed metal case, black screen and orange interface.  The time is simply displayed with hours on the left, the space in the square indicating the current hour, and minutes in digits on the right. Instant time, futuristic design. Read the rest of this entry »


May 4th, 2010

A concept design with a strong, rugged stainless steel case connected with a timing interface that shows hours, groups of 5 minutes and single minutes 1-4 in three distinct circles. Hours in the upper circle and 5 minute intervals in the bottom left circle are shown at the same points as hours and minutes on a clock face so the approximate time can be read at a glance. Four single minutes are shown in the bottom right circle.

Kisai Satellite is now available to buy here in black or white.

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