Design Challenge

See Your Idea For A Watch Design Become Reality and Earn Royalties On Each Sale!

Tokyoflash Japan has decided to offer the opportunity to creative people across the world to come up with an original idea for a wrist watch design. If your idea is chosen to become reality, we will offer royalties which could be as much $20,000 or more!

There is no deadline for submissions and the Design Challenge is ongoing. Tokyoflash will publish design submissions on its blog each day and there will be an opportunity for fans to vote and offer feedback for a period of 30 days. All published submissions will continue to be considered, even if they are not selected immediately.

There are a number of factors that we consider when selecting designs:

  • Is the submission a complete watch concept or just a text idea?
  • Have you prepared a detailed drawing in 2D or 3D?
  • Is it feasible for the design to be manufactured?
  • Is it a new design idea that is very different than anything released to date?
  • Is it relatively easy to tell the time on?
  • Does the watch have an interesting theme? E.g. minimal, sci-fi, pattern, or based on popular culture, music, movies, sport etc.
  • Is the idea suitably different to other designs that we have in our product range?
  • Is it popular on the blog & does it get positive feedback?

Don’t be discouraged if you cannot submit 3D renderings as we have staff you can handle this part. Your idea is the most important factor, but all the other points will assist in getting your idea across clearly to the public, including a good description of your design.

We receive many submissions and we will not be able to publish all designs, only the best ones. We apologize for this and all we can say is keep trying and ensure that you have considered the above points.

How do I know if my design is doing well?

Keep an eye on the feedback, it is usually a good indication of whether your design is popular.

If you decide to make my watch how will you let me know?

We will contact you by email and will present you with an offer which you can either accept or refuse. We will ask you to keep the offer confidential. We will also ask you to not make it publicly known that your idea has been selected until the time of the watch release. Your watch design will be exclusively available at which has the largest audience of potential buyers for your unique design worldwide. The watch will also be featured in magazines and websites around the world.

Sales of your design may continue for six months to many years depending its popularity. We recommend you help promote your design as much as possible through social media, word of mouth or any way possible. You will be able to view the sales of the watch via real time through our site and payouts will be quarterly.

Guidelines and Conditions

  1. Your idea must be unique, unlike anything seen before.
  2. Your idea must be your own original work and must not infringe any third party’s rights, including images, trademarks and trade names.
  3. Company names or website addresses should not be on the design. Personal names will be posted in the text portion.
  4. Submissions should have a detailed description and explanation of how the time is read, similar to other posts on the blog.
  5. Please ensure your images are 706 pixels wide.
  6. Please zip your images into one folder when submitting.

You will stand a better chance of being published if you follow this guide.

Your Name
Your Email
Your Country
How did you come up with this idea? (20-50 words)
Please tell us about your design & how you tell the time. (20-50 words)
What type of people do you see wearing your design? (20-50 words)
What do you think makes your design stand out from other designs? (20-50 words)
Attach File
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(Acceptable file types: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, zip, pdf)
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 By submitting this design I give Tokyoflash Japan permission to publish my idea on this blog. I will retain ownership of the design.