Night Vision


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21 Responses to “Night Vision”

  1. avatar GabrielBB より:

    Yessss,. We have a new design, and it’s very cool. I like the wasabi colour of the leds. It goues excellent with black colour.

    The hexagonal shape of the case is very modern, and the way how the digits covers the surface of the case is great.

    Combining the classic and digital way of reading the time is a great ideea !!!!

  2. avatar fanturi より:

    Great design !! I love it !!
    Maybe a different color for minutes ?

  3. avatar Jono_2007 より:

    I love this design
    I didn’t realise that the minutes were clearly displayed, which i like, easy to read but kinda confuses you at first glance

    i like the colour, i don’t normally like a green colour, but it works well here i think
    my only bad thought, is the thickness of the timeface itself, looks quite bulky in the pictures above but i imagine that it would be alot thinner in person

    i’d pretty sure i’d buy :) because i really like this one

  4. avatar Synyster より:

    This one looks fantastic!
    Simple, futuristic and confusing to the innocent eye.

    Would also be cool if it would show the date. Where months were shown like the hours, and the day like the minutes!

  5. avatar klaydan より:

    Love this design. Although, it might be cool with a square design, a little thicker, maybe with a big black band. I love the concept of how the hour is presented. The minutes definintely need a different color so they show up better.

    Very sheek and readable!

  6. avatar Arasonic より:

    three words: I love it!

  7. avatar Olehofsoy より:

    I love the design! But I would also like to see it with more colors. Black clock with white, green, blue or yellow lights, or white clock with dark red/blue lights.

    Anyway, I would buy it! :-D

  8. avatar skreenname より:

    I love this!
    The only big thing is how readable it would be in bright sunlight?
    Also, is that button on the top right of the watch for setting the watch, or turning it on to view the time?
    I don’t really care for having to press a button to make the time show up ( -cough- SCOPE watch -cough- )

  9. avatar JEM81 より:

    LOVE IT!

  10. avatar pm より:

    I like this one a lot. The hexagonal case is a nice touch and very different. The two ways of displaying the hours and minutes are both simple and yet cryptic – excellent achievement. I agree with Synyster that a date feature would be an improvement. The matt black strap and case are also very good and I think their proportions to each other are about right. I think the face would be better if slightly thinner thus resting more ‘flush’ with the wrist.

  11. avatar varhodes より:

    Love the case shape. I know you normally have to press the button to see the time on your watches. Have you considered having 4 of the outer ring marker LEDs rotate around the face (like they are orbiting it) when the time isn;t being displayed? This might pull too much on the battery to allow long life, but it would be cool to have some subtle motion on the watch face even when the time isn’t being displayed.

  12. avatar coucou より:

    un hexagone de plots lumineux pour marquer les secondes

  13. avatar より:

    Excelent design.
    I found the ‘minutes’ numbers a little bit too thin.

  14. avatar Ace より:


  15. avatar kdsinferno より:

    I would buy this ASAP

  16. avatar Kie より:

    I love how it looks abstract at first, but is so easy to read once one knows the trick to it.
    I wonder if there is some way to fill the spaces inside the minute area- Maybe a second-counter of some sort?

  17. avatar El Raby より:

    Very clean design. I can see it in red, blue and white illumination.

  18. avatar znine より:

    very nice design. i like it.
    but, if it can remodel a little (adding second led animated inside the minutes like real watch, different led for hour,minutes, and second, and when the button press twice, it show date today), i really want to buy it as soon as possible ^^

  19. avatar Tynan より:

    Hey,can someone tell me what the countdown timer is for?
    if its for when production of this watch will start, ill buy one immediately! i love this design! especially the colour.

  20. avatar cafemm より:

    If this model is released I´ll buy it.

  21. avatar Samukun より:

    I like it. I’m not a fan of hexagons but this display looks too cool to hate it :) I’d fancy a square, but definitely no circle for this idea. If the LEDs would have rounded ends, it would fit to the rounded case.

    A nice and simple watch.