(English) Ripples watch with soothing droplet animation

(English) Design submitted by Nev from the UK.

Nev says: As a child, I used to love watching the rain and seeing ripples on water resulting from raindrops.   This formed the inspiration for ‘Ripples’.

Shown here in 3 forms: normal strap, chain strap and pocket (including one where the chain can be attached top or bottom, depending on wearers needs).

‘Ripples’ is a digital watch (12 or 24 hour), with time, date and alarm modes.  It could also be a stopwatch.

The round numbers are formed from the largest ripples, with the horizontal line replaced by a central dot.   Hours / months displayed above minutes / days (depending on mode).

The different versions will appeal to different people.   The design will appeal to men or women who like rounded forms / numbers (no squares, hexagons or any sharp corners on this display) and the animation should appeal to those who like watching ripples on water.

The natural form of ripples on water makes an interesting watch design, which  gives an opportunity for great animation.  Tokyoflash would create a better animation than mine, maybe showing the drop hitting as well as the resulting ripples.

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26 Responses to “(English) Ripples watch with soothing droplet animation”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Excellent idea! I really love this concept. I think it would be nice to have those relaxing rain drops animating all the time when you glance down, quite hypnotic.
    The ripples continue onto the strap too :-)

    Its quite a simple concept but works exceptionally well with a naturally inspired theme. I am all for it, good job Nev.

    • avatar Nev より:

      Thanks for posting and the enthusiastic comments! Glad you like it.
      I have liked images extending into the strap since I first saw Stencil, so had to copy that idea here.
      Constant animation (a configurable option, as in Quasar) would certainly work here.
      Hope everyone else likes this too.

  2. avatar Josh より:

    This is amazing! It shames even my concept, the infinity watch. I hope you get it made in real life! You deserve it.

    • avatar Nev より:

      Thanks, Josh. Glad you like it.
      Looking forward to seeing your revised version – I wouldn’t be able to create a watch design showing infinity mirrors with my limited skills, so good luck with the software.

  3. avatar Nev より:

    I’m interested to see what people think of the strap/pocket watch ideas as well as the watch face. This is the first time I’ve put any effort into the “holder” (you may say “not enough”, but it’s more than last time), so, thoughts?

  4. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Nev, your idea is poetic and I love it, plus it works great for a watch.
    I have designed a pocket watch, although I prefer the wrist watches.
    5 * / Yes, very good idea.

    • avatar Nev より:

      Glad you like it, Patrick. Thanks for the support.
      I too prefer wrist watches, but thought I’d show different styles as well this time.

  5. avatar dawn より:

    Love this watch! It’s a great idea. Makes me want to keep looking at the rippling effect. I like the strap and chain designs so if it is made available to buy, maybe I’ll have to get one of each.
    5*/ Yes

  6. avatar Pete より:

    Hi Nev, Nice design my friend. I like the natural inspiration and agree with Toky that the raindrop animation should be constant. The time could be on or off for the majority of the time as per the users preference.
    I cant get over how similar this looks to my latest design “Geoglyph” (or how similar my design looks to this) Spooky! Especially when they have totally different inspirations and time telling. GMTA and all that :)
    5/Y Best of luck :)

    • avatar Nev より:

      I’m happy with the idea of the animation being constant, but think it should be a configurable option. Time on or off, if the animation is constant, just takes that one step further. Yep, nice idea.
      I only saw ‘Geoglyph’ on your face and design pages yesterday, 6 days after I submitted this design, so any similarity is, as you say, GMTA. I look forward to seeing it here (and understanding how to read it :) ).
      Glad you like it – thanks for the support and luck.

      • avatar Pete より:

        I have only just submitted Geoglyph and added to fb, so please don’t think I was suggesting anything untoward. Just saying it was spooky, I had to take a double take when I saw your design on TF lol

        • avatar Nev より:

          I didn’t think you were, Pete. Hope this doesn’t indicate we’re running out of totally unique design ideas.

        • avatar Pete より:

          To be honest I don’t think there are any totally unique ideas left unfortunately. Unless you invent a new type of display tech. Then it would be totally unique and totally unfeasible. The best we can do is an new slant or take on things or use inspiration from a different context. :)

  7. avatar Justin より:

    Great design Nev, I see a vast improvement in your renders and designs!! Nice work. My fav has to be the top picture, there’s something about the dark screen with the bright ripples that seems to mimic a puddle in the road at night during a rainstorm.

    The raindrop animation is awesome and although some will like it on all the time, I would prefer it if the aesthetic ripples were to indicate the ticking seconds, maybe have one tiny ripple “activate” on each second to give the effect of a light shower or drizzle. Maybe even a setting where you could alter the frequency and speed of the ripples. One tiny ripple every 0.5 of a second would be a nice constant visual!

    Great work, excellent idea and smashing visual designs. Keep it up!!

    I’ve not submitted anything for a while so I may have to pull my finger out!

    • avatar Nev より:

      Thanks for the support and the ideas. Having seconds displayed as you describe sounds interesting.
      Thanks also for your help with the software. I used both the materials available in IR, modified some to get closer to the colours I wanted and created some. Still can’t get everything I want, but improving.

      • avatar Justin より:

        No troubles bubbles. There are loads of materials for use in IR! Mainly aluminum, gold, chrome, silver etc. just many variations of those and maybe a few others. I think there are some shiny plastic and glass effects in there too. If you need help finding these and tweaking them I can always email you again and send big pictures with arrows and stuff lol.

        Best of luck with this!

        • avatar Nev より:

          I didn’t mean “both of the IR materials”, implying they only had two! I was going to say both theirs and my creations, but then added the extra text about modifying theirs, changing the context for the “both”. Rushed typing!

  8. avatar Zsolt from Hungary より:

    The numbers seem similar to Sam’s Suujimaru, but the watch looks unique this way, too.

    • avatar Nev より:

      Wow, yes, the numbers are the same basic shape. I thought I’d come up with something new – shows how wrong you can be. Only difference is that my numbers are slightly askew, as I thought that might make them slightly harder to read (didn’t want to make them too easy :) ).

      I guess, as Pete points out, that there are no new ideas (or very few), so it comes down to how you put it together.

      Hopefully I haven’t made Sam think I’m copying his (cos I wasn’t looking at the blog back in 2012 when Suujimaru was posted). Sorry, Sam – a case of GMTA or, more that this was the only way to use the parts of the raindrop / ripple to present the numbers, so they are right for this design.

      Glad you think the watch is unique enough.

  9. avatar dzign555 より:

    Nice job, Nev. Can I have one?

    • avatar Nev より:

      Glad you like it. All I can give you is images at the moment, but if we’re lucky you might be able to get a one – all up to TF. Thanks for the support.

  10. avatar Andrew Joy より:

    A nice clean minimalist display: digits Mode indicators that all in keeping with the Ripple Theme. The Bracelet / pocket chain is very elegant & would be well suit for the feminine watch market.

    • avatar Nev より:

      Thanks for the thoughtful comments, Andrew.
      After submitting to Tokyoflash, I have concluded that the chain bracelet watch probably needs a smaller watch case to make it more attractive to women that want that style of watch. I have another image that shows this, but have not sent to TF as yet – waiting to see if anyone asks for other changes that I can make first.

  11. avatar Kath より:

    Love this design!! Really like the ripple effect – very relaxing and if the animation was constant i could see this being quite hypnotic! Like the different strap options too. Think my favourite is the chain strap.
    Hope it gets made! Would definitely buy one!

    • avatar Nev より:

      Thanks for the support, Kath. Glad you like it.
      I wasn’t sure about the chain strap, but thought it a logical extension from the idea of a pocket watch version. After submitting, I thought it would be good to produce a smaller version of the case with this strap for women who might like a smaller watch than those typically produced by TF. I might send this in as an update. If they could produce 2 sizes (like some of the Nava watches), it would be cool.

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