Batiodea watch inspired by ocean stingrays

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I was doing some sketching and scribbled a simple 12/5/9 display layout made up of three ellipses. This simple layout had a slightly alien look to it that could interpreted as some kind of unidentified flying object, or some yet undiscovered creature from the deepest and darkest parts of the oceans. Hence the name “Batiodea” (Batoidea is a superorder of cartilaginous fish commonly known as rays)

The time telling is s straight forward 12/5/9 format made up of three semi-eliptical displays containing 12 LEDs each. The reason for 12 LEDs in each is this allows the wearer to change the order of the hours and minutes to there prefered layout. It also allows for a a phased digits mode.

This design has an alien and organic look which may appeal to sci-fi junkies and/or people with an interest in the natural world, or people who just like string-ray-space-ship shaped products :)

This design stands out from others due to its unusal shape and bold display.

24 thoughts on “Batiodea watch inspired by ocean stingrays

  1. I love it, Pete. One of your best. The shape reminds me of the trilobite fossils, so there’s a link with the past too.
    I do have the usual problem with counting the middle row when the numbers are large, but maybe the two LED colour version could be adapted to help here (this one is my favourite of the 12-5-9 images – stunning).
    I don’t usually like phased digits, but these look superb, so would have to make an exception here.
    So, when I get one, I’ll have to decide the mode for the day before going out – you’re making my life more complicated, but in a good way!
    Good luck and an obvious 5y.


    • I really should make a habit of spacing the lights into threes or making the 3,6,9 lights an alternative colour. But I always feel this May hamper the look of the submission. So I do the prettier more difficult to read version first and see what happens lol there are plenty of tweaks that could help with ease of reading. The added bonus of the phased digits is always a bonus. Choice they say is the biggest luxury, or is it the biggest burden? lol cheers for the support sir! :D


  2. The silver/chrome one I think really captures the impression of luminescent deep sea creatures that we marvel at on wildlife TV shows.
    The sci-fi is pretty strong with this one too – The Abyss, Sphere ;-) Not sure why but I get a Klingon vibe too from some versions.
    The iconic layout of the display is great because its simple, stylish & can fit your own personal interpretation as to its meaning.


    • I thought it was more Romulan than Klingon, but either way sci-fi associations are very welcome. I think the Abyss association is a good one too, it does remind me of the organic alien submarines in the film. Cheers for the post and the comment Toky! :D


  3. The shape of this wristwatch is awesome you can really see the String Ray shape. I think that it also reassemble a horseshoe crab. The shape of the LED’s however look like Neptune’s / Poseidon’s Trident. I also like that this watch has both a binary 12-5-9 & a phased sequence time display hopefully this will be included if /when this is constructed.


    • Its cool to see that people see different things in its form. Keep things interesting for sure :)
      Trident would have been a cool name too! Cheers for the feedback and support! :)


  4. Only just started looking at the watches on the blog, but this one takes my breath away. Awesome and so very different to anything I’ve seen before!


  5. I like that the bulbs of the LED’s that are OFF are visible. Because they are visible, I like that there’s 12 LED’s on each side, to make it symmetrical.

    Then I realized that there’s also 12 in the middle. This make it nicer. & there’s room for pm/al/date indicator.

    There’s also the possibility to add 12-11-4!

    I like that there’s a 2nd time reading possibility, even if I’m usually not a fan of 4 phases watches. This time, I like the digits.

    I prefer the silver/chrome version.

    The case shape make me think of sting-ray/Egyptian beetle symbol. Because of that, a pocket watch with a rope would be nice.


    • Great feedback Makko! Yeah I decided to have 12 LEDs on each row as it not only keeps the look balanced but gives the watch an element of flexibility. This could be by use of different time telling methods or styles or just layout. Some people might want the hours on the left, 10 min groups in the centre and single mins on the right for example, this is especially the case with how the date is displayed, some countries like to have day/month/year others opt for month/day/year so hopefully all can find a layout they like.
      Fingers crossed there is enough appeal for further development! :)
      Cheers again! :D


  6. Time is running out for this concept, I’m not sure what that means in relation to the blogs current status. None the less thanks TF for posting it here and everyone who took the time to comment, vote, like and share! Cheers everyone!

    Pete from the UK :)


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