LiveWire watch sparks into action to show the time

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I have recently created a couple concepts that featured helix shapes in their time telling in various guises. This is a 12/5/9 format LED watch which uses the helical forms to show the time in three columns that look like exposed cables, hence the name “LiveWire”

The time is told using a traditional 12/5/9 format via LEDs in three columns of helix shaped coils.

The first column of helical coils shows the hours, the second column shows 10 minute groups and the third column shows single minutes.

This design has a unique look with a futuristic feel that may appeal to sci-fi fans. It has a slightly industrial feel that may help it appeal to the guys, although in the right materials it may be deemed pretty enough to tempt some ladies too.

The helical LED coils in three exposed cable like arrangements sets this design apart from others :D

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LiveWire watch sparks into action to show the time, 4.4 out of 5 based on 61 ratings

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33 Responses to “LiveWire watch sparks into action to show the time”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Wow, what an original idea. I totally love it!
    The strap looks like industrial style cable with the inner wires exposed in a kind of fuse.
    Using LED tubes like that is clever thinking. Electricians & network engineers must love this.
    The first 3 renderings I like best, the purple one is awesome.
    Thanks for sending this in. Inspiring stuff!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Cheers for the post and the comment Toky! I did contemplate a single cable version with the three colours of LED intertwining. This may suit a ladies wrist better than this wider version. Something to keep in mind, and maybe a future submission. Cheers for the awesome words :)

  2. avatar Justin says:

    Awesome stuff Pete!! Very cool idea. I like the black/blue wires…livening the different coloured wire every other colour to keep track of which number is being shown (3-6-9 etc). Makes it easier to tell at a glance.

    My fav…blue/white with black strap!!

    5*\Yup!! Good luck buddy!

    • avatar Justin says:

      Livening/liking….silly predictive text.

      I can imagine bomb disposal experts charging in and pinning me down to cut the red wire if I wore this in public lol.

      …..or is it the blue wire?! Aaargh!

      • avatar Pete says:

        haha yeah I’m sure predictive text is here to make us look dumber than we are (in my case this is made more difficult by actually being dumb! lol)
        When I first drew this I did have a “Lethal Weapon” moment about cutting the wires. I’m too old for this S**T! lol Cheers for the feedback and support sir! :)

  3. avatar Makkovik says:

    I love it. Because of the numbers of wires per tube, the time telling seem a bit confusing, specially for the 12 hours. Having the 3rd in a different color is nice, & solve the problem.

    My favorites are the 6th (glow-in-the-dark/radioactive stuff), followed by the 4th.

    I like the curves in the band/display. I like the inlays. I prefer the type in the pics # 4-6, followed by the # 1-3.

    The other is interesting but I’d prefer if both horizontal parts where in the same color. (both vertical line could be in a 2nd color & continue on the case)

    Like TF said, a good one for anyone working with electrical wires/cables. Any color combo like “red-yellow-white = AV cables” can be used. Same for country flags/sports team. (the last 1 being the color of my hockey team)

    A 5*, because it’s the maximum, & a sell.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Cheers for the thoughtful feedback Makko! Yeah there are a few combos of colours that could work with this layout. I agree the different colour at the 3,6,9 positions are the best versions in my examples. I like the single colour ones but the spacing would need to be tweaked to aid the clarity, or the 3,6,9 could flash or could be brighter or dimmer etc. So its all very much all to play for, Cheers again! :D

      • avatar Makkovik says:

        Varying the space under / over each 3rd may not be ideal for “reading at a glance”.

        Flashing would be nice!

        Brighter / dimmer isn’t always good for me so I’m curious. ( personal vision problem )

        BTW: Having 2 colors that are close in 1 tube would also be bad for me. ( my vision again )

        The green one remind me of a recent technology used to create petroleum in big vertical cylinders. During the night, they glow in a bright green.

      • avatar Makkovik says:

        Flashing is the best idea!

  4. avatar dzign555 says:

    This is awesome…please make it! My only concern would be the amount of energy this thing would guzzle…


    • avatar Pete says:

      Crikey more than a three word comment, you must like it! ;) lol
      Power usage wise I cant see why this would use any more than a regular LED watch, TF may correct me here of course :) Cheers for the support sir! :D

  5. avatar Nev says:

    Another fantastic design, Pete.
    Hard to decide which image is best, cos they are all great. I appreciate the 3/6/9 differentiation to help read the time.
    Another must-have, so 5y from me. Really hope it gets made.

  6. avatar Samukun says:

    *sings the want song* ♪ ★★★★★/YES

    This it outstanding… once more ^^ It’s original and very good looking (not too much detail, nice tube look around the wrist, super great minit tubes for the display). The first one and the black one with golden innards are for me! Also cool name. Good luck Pete!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thanks a lot Sam! I’m glad it tickles your want it receptors! Im pleased to see it doing so well, I figured this would be one of those love it or hate it concepts. Cheers for the feedback and support sir! :D

  7. avatar Andrew Joy says:

    This is a truly electrifying concept Pete it sparks the imagination. 5 Stars

  8. avatar xian says:

    You are truly prolific, Pete. Am I to understand that the wires ‘twist’ tighter or looser from the ends, and that’s what causes the number of loops in the window to increase or decrease?

    • avatar Pete says:

      Umm prolific…..I thinks that’s code for get a life! lol
      The wires are all the same constant helix, they just look more dense at the ends because you can see parts of a few wires. The wires could be less than a full revolution in pitch which would mean you wouldn’t be able to see the other ends of the other wires, which may make it clearer.

      I assume that if TF were to develop this they probably wouldn’t have full helixes, they could cut the wires and tubes in half and just have the top half and the wires would essentially be diagonal LED lenses. It would look much the same but would be a little clearer and simpler to make etc :)

  9. avatar gordon says:

    not my cup of tea but I can see that you definitely struck a nerve with people on this one. Now Take a nap or TF might get charged with slave labor lol.

    • avatar Pete says:

      No worries Gordon, not every design will suit everyone. Yeah so far the response has been surprisingly positive. Long may it continue! I only have a few designs left in the queue so nap time is not far away ;)

  10. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Pete, it is true, to advance new ideas, one should not be afraid of go far, and even simplify them thereafter, for a possible manufacture.

    • avatar Pete says:

      We are reading from the same page there Patrick. Concepts should be an exaggeration of the final product. Cheers for the vote sir! :D

  11. avatar Remy says:

    Hi Pete,

    I’ve been following the blog for quite some time now, and I must admit this is an amazing design. It’s not the first time that I see a design of yours that I would buy for sure and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I really hope this design gets chosen, not only because it deserves it, but mostly so I can have it on my wrist!
    I will also concur with the other posts, the different coloured 3/6/9 makes it a lot easier to read. My favourite is the purple one, and it would look great with white as a differentiated colour. Also, I don’t think it needs the matching colour in-between the coils. Just the “face” and the same colour clash looks great.

    Good job!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Remy, it always nice to see an unfamiliar name in the comments. Cheers for following the blog and commenting! I’m glad you like the concept and cheers for the feedback. Fingers crossed you will have a LiveWire on your wrist one day! Thanks again :D

  12. avatar just4cook says:

    Very Nice! You can consider a better color selection when the watch comes to reality!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Just4cook, I’m sure if TF did make this watch a reality they would put a lot of thought into the colour combinations. What colours would you like to see? :)

  13. avatar Cory says:

    This is easily the coolest watch I have ever seen! I agree with most other people that the alternating colors on the 3,6,9 would be the best solution for clarity’s sake. Having the option to switch to a blink mode at the press of a button would be nice too. This watch could have all kinds of animation effect patterns for an extra touch for those who want some style in their accessories as well. I really hope that this one is made into the real deal. Would be an instant buy for me, regardless of price.

    Good luck Pete!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yeah it would be nice to have the mode option of having a alternate colour or blinking as you say.
      The other alternative is having three extra “blank coils” at the 3,6 and 9 positions. They would simple divide the active coils into groups of three. Fingers crossed TF also see the potential! Thanks a lot Cory! :D

  14. avatar Jose says:

    A striking design master Pete.
    Once again you’ve outdone yourself.
    Y*Y*Y*Y*Y*. Good luck master Pete :)

  15. avatar Pete says:

    The power goes off for this post soon so all that’s left to do is thank TF for posting it here and everyone who took the time to comment, vote, like and share. Cheers everyone!

    Pete from the UK :)