Karmalien LED smartwatch responds to your emotions

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: The following six digit multiple color LED  wristwatch is inspired by Cam Alien a multiple Color LED that uses a built in camera to change color. Design submitted by Peter (UK) & Sam (Germany)

Karmalien: however responds to the wearers emotional / physical state.

Karmalien: Has a multiple functional display each mode is selected alphabetically:Alarm, Charge, Date, Phone (Bluetooth: ON) Stop Watch  & Time: Default. Each mode use Six digits to display the Alarm,Stopwatch Time: Hours, Seconds, Minutes. Date: Day, Year , Month. Charge Wear Days, Rechagre Cycle Minutes, Hours. Phone: 3-4 letter text Alerts your Cell Phone.

This wrist watch will appeal to anyone look for a smart watch with futuristic / alien styling.

Karmalien: LED watch response to the user Emotions by measuring their Pulse, Temperature via the bio-Sensor plus kinetic Sensor to measure their movement the more the user moves the brighter / more colorful the Display. Furthermore the display has Both positive / negative formats & automatic reorientation between: Vertical: Read Position / Horizontal: Wrist by wearer side.

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12 Responses to “Karmalien LED smartwatch responds to your emotions”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    A dazzling concept with lots of cool features. A bio-sensor in the watch would be excellent.
    The multi-colour LED gives many options & effects which make this watch very customisable. I like the way it can be used vert/horiz too.
    There is a lot to think about here as it is jam-packed with tech! :-) bio-sensor, accelerometer, mic, speaker, BT

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Thanks for your positive response & posting of this concept TF. I want to create a multiple LED color smart watch & this seem the best way of executing it.

  2. avatar Pete says:

    Nice to see CamAlien inspiring new designs (obviously it would be nice if it inspired a production watch :) ) hexagons for the win. The mood sensors are a sensible direction, I would have thought accelerometer and temp sensor would be enough tho if feasibility, size or cost were restricting factors. The switching of the display orientation is a nice touch too! 5/y best of luck sir! :D

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Thanks Pete I was totally blow away by the Cam Alien design & up until now on did not think I had the skill or the right to create my own take on it. Although inspired by: Cam Alien, I wanted to make sure that it stood apart from it by adding the: Bio: Pulse / temp & Kinetic Sensors: accelerometer so that the display color is set by the user emotional state. If some of these sensor have to be dropped or replaced with cheaper alternatives / technology then I am willing to accept that. Furthermore I decided to add a auto orientating display: Vertical / Horizontal.
      I please you approve of the overall concept & cheer for the 5 Star vote.

  3. avatar Andrew Joy says:

    To View the original Cam Alien wristwatch Design submitted by Peter (UK) & Sam (Germany) Peter & Sam copy & paste the link below: http://blog.tokyoflash.com/2012/05/camalien-led-watch-almost-alive/#sthash.vy6aifXs.dpufhttp://blog.tokyoflash.com/2012/05/camalien-led-watch-almost-alive/

  4. avatar Samukun says:

    Respect for the work you put in this projekt Andrew – the geometry and the modes and the functions! I like the approach of putting quite some tech in it. If it can be done, we’ll see. It’s a fun gadget. Maybe for the future there has to be found a balance between “what the phone can do”, “what function of the phone can be used on the watch” and “what the watch only can do”. It would be best if the phone would assist the watch or vice versa. The bio-sensor is cool and definitely something, the phone can’t do alone. The whole biological coloration idea is great. If it can be done, with the Camalien look of a completely other one, I’m in. Cool work, thanks for the admiration of Pete’s and my concept. Good luck for all of us, an emotional watch will come to us. 5*/Yes of course ;)

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Thanks for your support concerning the work put in to this design concept Sam. I wanted to make sure I paid the proper respect to the: Cam Alien, design whist adding my own twist on it. Whilst setting apart from it By changing how the LED display changes color from using the input from a built in camera to utilizing a bio sensor: emotional input & kinetic sensors. I think your correct a balance of how much technology can be fitted into a watch may have to be struck. Some feature may or may not be possible for a watch to handle on it’s own. Perhaps once the customer buys this watch they could purchase / download a synchronization Application to their Smart Cell / Mobile Phone to aid with some of the more complex functions.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Pete and I talked about emotional feedback a long while ago. It’s a fantastic topic. If you have only two sensors in the watch, you can already tell alot by comparing the values at a given time. Three sensors will expand the amount of results. If there are things you can tell the watch, where no sensor is (like if you got headache) that would expand the amount of results even more. Combined with the phone and with a recording app, it could be really fun.

  5. avatar Nev says:

    You’ve certainly packed a lot into this one, Andrew!
    The biometric idea is really cool, although I’m not sure I want my watch broadcasting my emotional state! Not really a problem though, as it’s unlikely anyone else will know what the colours mean.
    I wouldn’t want the rainbow colours, as these are too hard to read, but the rest look good.
    Good luck and 5y.

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Cheers Nev, yes I have packed a lot of technological features in to this design.
      The LED emotional color system is so the user can monitor their general mood / activity level throughout their day to day lives only the owner’s of this watch would know what the colors meant. I respect that the Rainbow Function may not be for everyone & that it is harder to read. Although but it does demonstrate the full spectrum of the LED / Mood colors uses in the Hexagonal cells / digits.

  6. avatar Patrick says:

    The change of colors according to the emotion me recall my “Snap Ring II”, then I like this idea.
    5 * / Yes.