Gothic e-paper watch rocks your wrist (update)

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: I decided to create a watch that uses old fashion / calligraphy styled digits.

This lead to the “Gothic” wristwatch design. Which uses a: LED, LCD or E-paper / E-ink to display the time Display. Constructed in either: IP black, Gun-Metal or Stainless Steel This watch has three display modes: Alarm, Date & Time (Default).

Each digit is constructed from two curved / arched Diamond shapes which are divided into four equal quarters (See Diagrams Provided). The only the top diamond is required for the numbers 0 & 1, where as the both the top & bottom shape/s are required to create the numbers 2-9. The display is read Right to Left: Hours / Day then top to Bottom: Minutes / Months.

Goths, Heavy Metal band rockers / musicians & festival goers.

Steam Punks & fan of retro styled watches.

The Watch case shape Style of the digits & format / layout of this watch make it stand out from the crowd.

UPDATE: additional images progressing the concept. Neo-Gothic.

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Gothic e-paper watch rocks your wrist (update), 3.9 out of 5 based on 16 ratings

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18 Responses to “Gothic e-paper watch rocks your wrist (update)”

  1. avatar Nev says:

    I like the epaper and black versions, not keen on the coloured screens (too much colour for this watch).
    The numbers are very different – quite an achievement these days. They are also easy to read. I love them.
    The only thing I’d change would be to drop the am/pm from the date format, which I find confusing. I know you’re giving extra info, but personally I just like seeing the date in that mode. Maybe just me, though.
    Good luck and 5y.

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      When I created this concept I could not decide which display technology looked best LCD / LED or E-Paper / E-ink so used all three do that TF fans could decide which movement version/s they prefer most. I tried to make the digits uniquie but at the same time easy to read. I accept that perhaps the AM / PM indicators do not need to be present in Date mode so they could be turned off / Removed. So Thanks Nev for your input & continued support & the 5 star vote.

  2. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Andrew, I am of agreement with Nev, AM PM is not also important to permanently keep it on the screen. To help with the reading of the figures, I would gather the elements, to facilitate and make denser the reading, something of more compact.
    5/Y, an idea to be still more worked.

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      If the AM/PM letter are a real turn off for people I am willing for them to be removed. A compacted version would suit women: Rock Chicks as an elegant but edgy wristwatch. Thanks for the 5 Star vote of support Patrick.

  3. avatar Delphine says:

    Hi Andrew. Personaly I prefer e-paper, but LED looks good too. The AM/PM indicators are for me useless since the hours are on 24hrs mode and I’d put the 7 bars on the same side (right). Anyway 5y. Good luck :)

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Other people have mentioned that the AM / PM maybe unnecessary as thus is a 24 hr Time display.
      I not so sure about the bar suggestion thought I will have to give it some thought.

  4. avatar Pete says:

    I agree with Nev regards the uniqueness of the digits. They look very fresh to me! I would be tempted to make the 0 and 1 full height as I find them a little unbalanced being smaller than it’s opposing digit etc. the gothic theme is not to my taste but I imagine there is quite a market for such a product. Best of luck sir :D

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Making the 0 /1 digit full height is perhaps better. Thanks Pete for you honest input & opinion about the balance / style of this concept it will only aid me in the future.

  5. avatar Samukun says:

    Nice number style!! The gunmetal one with black display and white numbers looks already elegant, but the gothic idea screams for a bit less modern look. I think, what about used looking metal and leather and wood to give a certain steampunk feel to it? The old english letters fit in nicely, they could be smaller, to not disturb the overall image too much. Maybe a little diamond shape would suffice… I would say Definitely worth keeping these digits and this watch shape in mind. Good luck Andrew!

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Awesome idea Samukun a leather strap / cuff version / wooden of “Gothic” would appeal more would appeal to steam punks / rockers. I have no issue with reducing the size of the AM / PM indicators if that would improve the overall look.
      I wanted to create old fashion digits rather than futuristic one’s. The shapes I came up with seemed to to be the best way of achieving it.

    • avatar Makkovik says:

      I like the steam punk watch idea!

  6. avatar Andrew Joy says:

    Thanks TF for adding The Neo-Gothic Wrist Watch Leather Strap Edition to this existing Posting I Really appreciate it.
    I created Neo-Gothic in response to the comments I received on the Original “Gothic” watch concept.

  7. avatar Nev says:

    The original numbers in the gothic watch were great. The modified ones in the Neo-Gothic version have lost their appeal for me. Keep the original look, please.

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Nev I wanted to make sure that the style of “Neo-Gothic”: shape: Diamond Case, Leather strap & Digits stood out improved version of”Gothic”. The Neo-Gothic Digits are full height instead of two separate four part shapes. As suggested by Pete. However the Digits used for “Gothic” could easily replace the digits used in “Neo-Gothic” If that is what the public prefer.

      • avatar Nev says:

        Maybe both could be included as options on the same watch. For me the Neo ones are too obvious / less weird, so maybe they could be the easy option.

        • avatar Andrew Joy says:

          I can easily see Both Gothic (Hard) & Neo-Gothic(Easy) digital styles being included in single a E-ink / E-paper Screen. However I do not think that may not be possible with a LED display.

  8. avatar Makkovik says:

    I prefer the “Neo Gothic” case/band. The red/black is nice. I have a slight preference for the original digits but 2-in-1 with E-Paper would be good.

    • avatar Andrew Joy says:

      Dear Makkovik thanks for your support & highlighting you favorite style / color. Your not the first person to suggest that that both the: “Gothic” & “Neo-Gothic” digits Should feature in a single watch display. This could be achieved with a E-Paper / E-Ink screen that display the digit in different as level of difficulty: Gothic: Hard & Neo-Gothic: Easy which I fully support. Furthermore this watch could also have Medium level of Digit style difficulty. This Medium Level which would have a blends subtle of both “Neo-Gothic & Gothic” digits styles.